Shayla x ColourPop part 2


Shayla has a new collab with ColourPop! A lip bundle and a makeup bag.

TRIPPIN is a clear/peach colored gloss with multicolored fine shimmer (gold, teal, green).

SHAY DAY: a deep purple reminiscent of good ole ZIPPER.

SEASON 10: a medium toned red, think AVENUE but a bit brighter.

I was planning on Lip swatching but Bane scratched the side of my lip. Not too bad, it was prob my own nails. We were playing peekaboo and he pawed me. 😒.

AVAILABLE Friday, September 7th at 10am PST


Lip Bundle + Makeup Bag: $25

Lip Bundle: $16

Graffiti Makeup Bag $12

Drippin’ Ultra Glossy Lip $6.50

Season 10 Ultra Matte Lipstick $6.50

Shay Day Ultra Matte Lipstick $6.50

Happy shopping!

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