Darling Girl Cosmetics PUCKER PAINTS – Matte Liquid lipsticks.

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Darling Girl Cosmetics Pucker Paint Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick ( $9.70 with our affil code BEAUTYCULT ) are light weight liquid lipsticks that dry to a semi transfer proof – smudge proof finish.

I tested for about 4 hours hours and honestly forgot I had anything on, but they didn’t survive a healthy dose of Korean beef and peppers – they faded considerably but did not crack nor separate. I was able to reapply right on top and carry on. I’d say they can last pristine 4-5 hours depending on how much you lick your lips or eat/drink.

I liked the formula, it was significantly lightweight when swatching which worried me as I though they would be runny, but never judge something from a swatch, so your lip testing : TRY THINGS ON PEOPLE! They get comfortable and the colors are super fun, aiming for that gold metallic one next.

Have you tried this brand?

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