At long last I’m finally ready to tell you my thoughts on the ARTIS BRUSHES! I’m dividing it into 2 parts. In this one I’ll tell you a little about the brushes and how I use each one, as well which are my favorites. In my 2nd post I’m going to compare them with a set of inexpensive oval brushes and let you know whether or not I think they’re dupes. Sound good? Alright, let’s do this!

I only have 7 of the 11 brushes. There’s 2 larger face brushes and 2 larger liner brushes that I don’t have. The brushes are made with COSMEFIBRE bristles and the handles are made with THERMOFORMED RESINS (also used to make high end car components). So even though the necks of these brushes are very thin, they’re strong. The brushes are designed for self application of makeup. They’re weight balanced and angled to fit all the contours of the face. The artis brushes have 3-10× more bristles than conventional makeup brushes. More bristles= faster and more uniform application. Each fiber has a microscopically fine tapered tip which provide superior blending. I think you get the point. There was a lot of thought put into every aspect of the design these brushes. 

LARGE OVALS (6 & 7, top left pic)- I use the 7 for foundation, cc cream, primer and skincare. I use the 6 for blush, bronzer, highlighting and blending contour. I never liked cream blushes before getting this brush. It applies cream products seamlessly.
SMALL OVALS (3 & 4, bottom right pic)- I use the 4 for applying and setting eye primer, undereye concealer, contour and highlighting. I use the 3 for eyeshadow, concealing small areas (nose, corners of the eyes etc) applying contour and blending nose contour.
CIRCLES (1 & 1R, middle left pic)- I use 1 for lipstick and concealer and 1R (rounded tip) for eyeshadow. I use it the same way I would a pencil brush.
LINEAR 1 (middle right pic) is my ride or die eyebrow brush. It works great with powders and pomades but I really love it for concealer. I also use it to apply and smudge eyeliner and to apply shadow to the lower lash line. It would also be great for nose contouring. 

So which ones should you get? The OVAL 6 is the most versatile face brush. It’s large enough to apply foundation quickly and seamlessly but small enough for precise application of bronzer, blush, contour and highlight. The LINEAR 1 is a really useful brush for eyeliner and eyebrows. The OVAL 3 can be used for eye primer, eyeshadow, concealer and contour. The CIRCLE 1R is great for eyeshadow, concealing and for applying lip products.  I’d say these 4 are the best multitaskers. There is definitely a learning curve when it comes to using these brushes. Using the foundation brushes is pretty straight forward but with the others, I figured out their best uses through trial and error. I mentioned how I use each brush but that’s not to say that they couldn’t have other uses as well. 

I think most people will either love or hate these brushes with no in between. You might want try one of the inexpensive dupes before investing a lot of money on the ARTIS.

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