Huda Beauty Desert Dusk palette ($65)
Here’s an inside look at my ‘duping’ process. First I pick out a bunch of possibilities for each color and then I start swatching! Also I only consider cruelty free options that are sold separately (not in palettes). I’m happy with what I came up with except for Cosmo, which is the glitter. Do you remember a year or two ago when pressed glitters suddenly became popular but then people realized that they got moldy if they were pressed with glycerin or some shit? Well it was disgusting and now I’m prejudice against all pressed glitters and I don’t own any. So I had to substitute a loose glitter for that one. 

I figured I’d start out by showing you guys some potential dupes for the duochrome toppers in the since they’re probably the shades that you’re the most interested in. 

Before we start let me do my dupe preamble. Every time I dupe a palette there’s at least one Rhodes scholar that asks me if it wouldn’t be cheaper to just buy the palette. Yes, if you want all 18 shades then you should absolutely buy the palette. Dupes are helpful for those who don’t want to spend $65 when they only want a few of the colors. And often times you realize that you already have similar shades in your collection. Conversely if you own the palette, you can make sure not to buy any of the dupes because you don’t need them. Moving on.

Nabla Cosmetics Alchemy (€9.90) is def not a dupe. Just goes to show that you can’t judge by looking at the pans.

I would consider both Topshop Changeling ($10) and Urban Decay Solstice ($21) to be dupes for Retrograde. Topshop has lots of great makeup and they’re very underrated/unknown in the US. Changeling is more green than Retrograde and Solstice is a bit more sheer but I think either would give you a similar look.

  There’s lots of other blue green duochromes that I wouldn’t consider to be dupes. The duos in the Huda palette are sheer and sparkly and meant to be used as toppers so an opaque eyeshadow won’t give you the same effect. 

Okay so clearly there’s only one dupe here. Topshop Wax & Wane ($13) is nearly the exact color and finish! Oh and they give you 20% off, if you’re a student! I would say that Twilight is a little more cool toned than Wax & Wane but that’s just me being nitpicky. 

Ittse Cosmetics Stronger (which is still available and part of a collab that they did with Coffee Break with Dani) looked a lot like Twilight in the pan but it’s actually much darker. Looxi Beauty Duperstar ($5, Save 10% with code: BEAUTYCULT) is a gorgeous color and from the swatches it appears to be pretty similar. It’s really not though. As I said in my last post, the duochrome toppers are sheer, iridescent and meant to be layered so an opaque eyeshadow isn’t going to perform the same way.

So although other popular lavender blue duos like MUG blacklight, Buxom La La Lavish, UD Tonic etc might look like they’d be similar, they’re not dupes and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! 

Last one!!!! And guys, I hardly ever say this but I think that Topshop Shuffle the Cards ($13) is an exact dupe for Celestial! And if you’ve been keeping score, Topshop has had a dupe or near dupe for all three of the duos in this palette. I def recommend trying their makeup, if you haven’t already.

Okay so the other one that I threw in the mix is Colourpop Time Out ($4) because it looks similar in the pan. Straight on they do look like but Celestial has a strong gold and red shift. 

There are other dupes that I didn’t include for one reason or another:

 UD Specter from the Moondust palette (not sold individually)

 Mac Pink Bronze (not cruelty free and I think it’s discontinued)

Inglot 68 body sparkle (different formula/loose pigment)

Ciate London Washington Ave (also a loose pigment plus it’s like $30)

Alright now let’s get started on the main course!

Desert Sand vs Makeup Geek Beaches and Cream ($6)- both are peachy beige mattes. Second option- Colourpop Issues ($4) is brighter and more peach

Huda is the first swatch. The dupe is second.

Musk vs Makeup Geek Latte ($6)- both are light taupe mattes. Musk is warmer. Second option- Coastal Scents Light Taupe ($1.95) is darker and warmer. 

Eden vs Colourpop Wait for it ($4)- Wait for it is more pink. Second option- Inglot 361 ($7) is lighter and more pink.

Amber vs Makeup Geek Sidekick ($6)- Sidekick is lighter. Second option- Anastasia Beverly Hills Blazing ($12) is closer but double the price

Blood Moon vs Beauty Escape Cosmetics Phoenix ($6.50, Save 15% with code BEAUTYCULT)- Phoenix is more orange. Second option- Anastasia Beverly Hills Henna ($12) is more pink.

Oud vs Colourpop Popular Demand ($4)- both are medium dark red browns. Popular Demand is lighter. Second option- Makeup Geek Cabin Fever ($6) is darker

Celestial vs Topshop Shuffle the Cards- already discussed

Nefertiti vs Devinah Cosmetics Kith ($5, Save 20% with code: BEAUTYCULT)-  Nefertiti is a peachy gold with gold glitter. Kith is a little darker and it isn’t glittery. Second option- Anastasia Beverly Hills Amber ($12) also has a similar base color but isn’t glittery. 

Twilight vs Topshop Wax and Wane- already discussed

Amethyst vs Colourpop 143 ($4)- 143 is brighter. Second option- Suva Beauty Funny Face ($11) is lighter

Royal vs Colourpop Lit ($4)- Royal is slightly more purple. Second option- Nabla Cosmetics Juno Moon (€7.90) is an exact dupe but the company is based in Italy. I think they do free international shipping at a certain spending threshold.

Retrograde vs Topshop Changeling ($10) or Urban Decay Solstice ($21)- already discussed.

Cashmere vs Looxi Beauty Blondie ($5, Save 10% with code BEAUTYCULT)- Blondie is more warm. Second option- Strobe Cosmetics Strongman ($6, Save 20% with code: Tanner) is darker.

Angelic vs Colourpop Come and Get it ($4)- Come and Get it has subtle purple undertones. Second option- Makeup Geek Wildfire ($12) is nearly identical but it’s more expensive and a loose pigment.

Cosmo vs Lit Cosmetics Carrot Head ($16, Save 20% with code: BEAUTYCULT)- I couldn’t find a good dupe for Cosmo, which is mostly copper with some purple mixed in. Carrot Head is more orange. Second option- Lit Cosmetics Express Yourself ($16, Save 20% with code: BEAUTYCULT) is lighter.

Turkish Delight vs Devinah Cosmetics Illusion ($5, Save 20% with code: BEAUTYCULT- Illusion is a tiny bit brighter. These two are nearly identical. Second option- Makeup Geek Curtain Call ($10) is darker

Saffron vs Inglot 301 ($7)- Saffron is a brick red matte. 301 is darker. Second option- Coastal Scents Pomegranate Red ($1.95) is brighter

Blazing vs Makeup Geek Morocco ($6)- Blazing is slightly more red. Second option- Coastal Scents Marmalade ($1.95) is lighter and brighter. Mac Red Brick is a better dupe but not cruelty free.

These are the second options that I mentioned. 

Hopefully this helps you guys! I’m satisfied with everything I came up with except for that damn glitter. Oh and my Nefertiti dupe doesn’t have the glitter. Really the only unusual shades in the palette are the duos that we looked at first. My review of this palette will be up in the next week or so. I’ve only used it once so far. It’s very pretty but like mostly any makeup, it’s dupeable. 


  1. Great dupe list! I love this color story but I just can’t bring myself to pay $65 for decent eyeshadows. Luckily, I have about half of these duped out and your super amazing post is going to help me round out the rest. Thank you for taking the time to share.


  2. What an amazing post. Came here by accident, I didn’t buy this Palette because it only partly spoke to me. And ironically the shadows that spoke the the Topshop dupes which I have but I never connected the dots, so thanks!


  3. This is the issue with dupes though, these aren’t actually dupes because they’re different. Almost all of them is a tone or two off and thus the end look you get is not gonna be the same. The glitter you put is a totally different tone.
    Most of these are different in undertone and warmth and shade. If you are gonna dupe something then work to find exact dupes because this is literally pointless.


  4. […] Top Shop Chameleon Eye shadows: So the story for these eye shadows were I was looking for a dupe for the Huda beauty Desert Dusk palette duo chromes, I could not justify paying £56.00 on a palette just for two shades! (Retrograde and Twilight) I did some googling and came across a very informative blog by Our Beauty Cult […]


  5. Stumbled on this site on accident. But wanted to tell you that you’re amazing! A lot of hard work. Wish I could buy your dupe palette ha!


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