Jeffree Star Blue Blood Palette Dupes

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The Jeffree Star Blue Blood Palette seems to sell out in a matter of minutes every time that it’s restocked. So if you’ve really been wanting to get your hands on a few of those blues… I gotchu ma!

I had a really hard time finding dupes for Blue Blood because 1. It’s a very unique palette and 2. I don’t have a ton of blue single shadows. It took me three or four attempts and lots of digging but at long last, I found satisfactory dupes for the entire palette! So without further ado…


▪︎Cullinan vs Devinah Cosmetics Icing ($5, -20% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)- Cullinan is a shimmery white metallic. Icing is nearly identical

Sydney Grace Velvet is also very similar

▪︎Mintea vs Strobe Cosmetics Creep it Real ($6, -10% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)- Mintea is a matte mint green. I couldn’t find a dupe for this shade to save my life until Strobe Cosmetics came through and released all of the shades in their Creepy Cute palette as singles. Mintea is a little more blue than Creep it Real but they’re close

ColourPop Checkmate and Sydney Grace Sea Foam are kinda similar but not dupes

▪︎Crystal Flesh vs ColourPop Snake Eyes ($4.50, -10% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)- Crystal Flesh is a metallic champagne. Snake Eyes is a touch cooler. Makeup Geek Luna is actually a little closer but it’s double the price

▪︎I’m Cold vs Strobe Cosmetics Cold Shoulder ($6, -10% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)- This was another difficult shade but the creepy cute palette saved the day again! Cold Shoulder is a little brighter but they’re pretty damn close

Option 2: Devinah Cosmetics Twink

▪︎Untouchable vs Devinah Cosmetics Promise ($5, -20% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)- Untouchable is a light peachy pink with a matte finish. Promise is a little lighter and a little more cool toned

Other options: ColourPop Outta Luck or Lucky You

▪︎Priceless vs ColourPop Hear Me Out ($4.50, -10% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)- Priceless is a matte peachy beige. Hear Me Out is lighter

Other options: Sydney Grace Summer Magic, Makeup Geek Beaches and Cream


▪︎Power vs Devinah Cosmetics Infamy ($5, -20% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)- this one was tough too! Power is a matte slate gray with subtle blue undertones. Infamy is lighter and not as blue. Actually it just occurred to me, that one Melt shadow might be a good dupe. The blue gray matte from the Lovesick stack. I’m not getting off my ass to confirm but I have a strong suspicion

Other options: Sydney Grace Thunderbird, Saucebox Moth

▪︎Blue Blood vs Sydney Grace Oasis ($5, -15% w/ non-affil code BEAUTYCULT)- Blue Blood is a sky blue matte. Oasis is slightly darker

Option 2: Clionadh Cosmetics Tundra

▪︎Deceased vs Devinah Cosmetics Thirst ($5, -20% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)- Deceased is an azure blue with a metallic finish. Thirst is a shade or two lighter

Option two: ColourPop Two Piece

▪︎Ice Tray vs Looxi Beauty Atlantis ($5, -10% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)- Ice Tray is a soft slate blue metallic. Atlantis is darker

Option 2: Clionadh Cosmetics Sapphire

▪︎Blue Monday vs Blot Beauty Rele ($5)- Blue Monday is an electric periwinkle matte. I was going to use Makeup Geek Indestructible (power pigment) as my dupe even though it’s darker. Then I remembered my Blot Beauty palette (they’re a black owned indie brand based out of Texas) and found Rele. Blue Monday has stronger purple undertones but they’re pretty close.

A third option would be ColourPop Piece of Cake

▪︎Flourishing vs ColourPop Formation ($4.50, -10% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)- Flourishing is a vibrant matte teal. Formation is lighter and pulls a bit more blue

The only other dupe that I could find is Makeup Geek Shark Bite but it’s been discontinued


▪︎Wealthy vs Sydney Grace Drift ($5, -15% w/ non-affil code BEAUTYCULT)- these are both ivory mattes. Any matte off white would do such as ColourPop Firefly or Makeup Geek Vanilla Bean

▪︎Celebrity Skin vs Makeup Geek Hayride ($6, -10% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)- these two are soft brown mattes. They look nearly identical to me. Hayride might be a little darker

Option 2: Looxi Beauty Cream & Sugar

▪︎Entitled vs ColourPop Tiny Tangerines ($4.50, -10% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)- Entitled is a metallic teal. It’s a bit more glittery than Tiny Tangerines. Also Entitled pulls a little more blue and Tiny Tangerines a little more green

ColourPop Slay-farer is also similar

▪︎Ocean Ice vs ColourPop Quantum Sleep ($4.50, -10% w/ affil code BEAUTYCULT)- these two are very similar royal blue colors but Ocean Ice is a lot more loosely pressed and has silver glitter

Other options: Sydney Grace JB, Peaches & Cream Sapphire loose pigment

▪︎Cremated vs Sydney Grace Thrilled ($5, -15% w/ non-affil code BEAUTYCULT)- Cremated is a deep blue green matte. It’s slightly more blue than Thrilled

Sydney Grace Woodland is also very similar

▪︎Undertaker vs Sydney Grace Indiana Love ($5, -15% w/ non-affil code BEAUTYCULT)- these two are both navy blue mattes. Undertaker is a little lighter

Sydney Grace Ice Fishing is also similar

Phew! Thank the gods this project is finished! Now to reorganize basically my entire single shadow collection that I tore apart during my hunt for the perfect blues….


  1. Goddamn that was dedication Ang!!! Question, do you think the quality of Blue Blood is awesome overall or do you prefer your dupes mostly or? I’ve never used JS shadows only his lippies.


    • I honestly haven’t even used it. I don’t really wear blue eyeshadow. I inherited Emma’s broken palette when beautylish sent a replacement. But she says that the quality is amazing. As far as the dupes… Sydney Grace mattes are outstanding. Have you tried them yet? And strobe has the best pastel mattes ever imo


      • I haven’t tried Sydney Grace because her line overwhelms the fuck out of me!!! I can’t even deal with the sheer amount of shades she has. But I know they’re amazing. I have Strobes palette but haven’t used it!!! Def need to!


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