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Tropic of Capricorn

You guys know that I always keep it 100 with y’all so believe me when I say that you NEED to order from Clionadh Cosmetics. This isn’t just makeup, it’s art. This set in particular, blew me away. Every piece they make has a concept. The colors they choose, the stamps, the scents, the packaging, the quality, every tiny detail has been well thought out and designed to be aesthetically pleasing. The packaging of this set is the cutest! Each sleeve is different and matches the theme of the corresponding highlighter.

 This collection is limited edition but they’re very good about making sure that everyone has an opportunity to own the pieces that they love most. 

There’s a few different bundle options… Individually they’re $19 CAD (~$15 USD) or you can buy all five for $85 CAD (~$67 USD). Then they’re offering 2 more bundle options. Sorbet and Creamsicle for $35 CAD (~$28 USD) or Whirlpool, Sand Castle and Mother of Pearl for $52 CAD (~$41 USD). Phew! Okay let’s get to the good stuff! 

🔸️Sorbet is available in light or dark (I’m going to assume that they sent me the light version). It’s a mixture of lime, orange and pinky purple and it smells like sorbet as well! All mixed together, on my skin, it’s a pink champagne color 

🔸️Creamsicle smells like… you guessed it! Creamsicle! Yum! It’s a mixture of peach, orange and cream tones. 

🔸️Sand Castle has a beachy scent. It’s a mixture of tan tones with a swirl of coral. On my skin it’s a pinky rose gold. 

🔸️Whirlpool has a fresh scent and a mixture white, blue and gold. On my skin, it’s a light seafoam green. 

🔸️Mother of Pearl is a mixture of pastel colors. Applied on my skin it’s a pearly silver. 

The first three are my favorites just because I prefer warm tones but all five are unique and beautiful. And they smell incredible. I looooooove opening my CC palettes! 

Resplendent Trio

Another set of limited edition highlighters from Clionadh Cosmetics! You can buy all three for CAD$54 (approx $43 USD), the two smaller shades for CAD $31 (approx $25 USD) or individually Optic (CAD $25, approx $20 USD) and Dawn and Dusk (CAD $17, approx $13.50 USD each).

 And don’t forget that they have a promo going on, if you buy anything from the summer collection (which includes everything in this post and the ‘Fruit Salad’ highlighters) enter SUMMERPROMO into the checkout notes and you can choose any of their permanent highlighters from the for free. 

Dawn is a warm toned rainbow highlighter. 

Dusk is cool toned.

 Optic has all eight colors from the smaller highlighters swirled into one giant pan. 

Dusk is too dark for me but I used the two yesterday and they were perfect!

I wanted to post the LE items first before they sell out but I’ve got a bunch new additions to their permanent line up to share as well!

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