ColourPop BFF Volumizing Mascara! Swatches and review!

Sample, non affil code

Brooooooooosssskiiiisssss!!! Whattt!!!! I mean come on, did you really think Cp was gonna leave us hanging!? We were asking for this for the LONGEST! Mascara!!! Not only mascara, but VOLUMIZING COLOURFUL MASCARA! I jumped heaps when I got them and got to testing right away.

These launched already and can be bought HERE

INITIAL THOUGHTS: it gave my lashes a lot of length and its smudge proof. Not waterproof which I’m ok with, it came off easily with my trusty Bioderma makeup remover. I did two swipes on each swatch on my lashes and it gave them full opacity even on crazy bright shades like the yellow one. I have very sensitive eyes because I wear contacts and have been wearing that and glasses since my teens so some mascaras tend to irritate specially if they have “volumizing” characteristics aka fibers. This did not make my eyes sensitive, this was a dream to remove after a whole day of testing. I wore most of the shades for almost a day (only Shades I didn’t wear all day was yellow and teal because the dragon told me I looked scary lol). The mascara is bomb and as you’ll see from before and after, it gave my lashes length and fluffyness.

First of, the PR box will be available and I’ll update this post with prices for the bundles. We have a non affil code ANGELA5 but it’s not clear if codes will apply.

Bff mascara will launch at ColourPop cosmetics website on THURSDAY 1/24 10AM PST and will cost $8.

The PR box is a holo pink box and when you take each shade out there’s little catchy things under each slot.

There are seven shades and no word on wether this is just the beginning and if we can expect a whole color spectrum but these are the primary shades launching.

The packaging is a white tube with deco foils on the handle and stars according to the shade it is.

The brush is a medium sized with a middle indent.

The shades!!!

First of I wanna show you my lashes without any mascara on so you have an idea of the volume this brought down.

No those are not my real eyes, I use contacts from Desio Eyes cause I’m halfway blind so I make it fun by pretending my eyes are an unnatural shade of gray. Also my house has the heat cranked as we are in the middle of 2019’s worst snow storm to date, and I was a little sick with sinus when I took these which will explain my slight bloodshot eyes.

Let’s do a quick swatcharoo collage and please try not to be creeped out by the fact this picture kinda resembles an odd thousand eye monster.

Let’s break them down and show ya all the angles and pictures now, if you’ve made it this far standing up, take a seat and relax.


Left on Red: this is the only one I had a bit of clumping with, it didn’t smooth out as well as the others but still a crazy sick shade to try with a dark smokey eye and a bit of red glitter on the inner corner.

More pics


Pinkeye jokes aside, this was actually pretty , I’d do some sort of pastel violet or even a bright neon orange shade diffused onto the lid and color block with this on the lashes.

Yea yea I did these w no makeup on. Don’t come at me!


This one was a lot of fun!!!! I’m thinking maybe a blue or green look. Or even a neutral brown would make for a canvas for this? this was the most lengthening look how insane this made my eyes look!


Have you noticed the names actually refer to the actual names!?! This doesn’t happen often as Cp likes out of the ordinary puns as names.

this one looks good on its own colorwise


THIS ONE WAS MY FAV! Dudes this is the shade of cobalt that will rock this summer!


This one I thought would be a darker purple but it’s a pastel lavender, still pretty.

And last but not least, BLACK ON BLACK

Your standard black as night mascara and comparable to my TF Better Than Sex mascara! It lengthened my lashes significantly without clumping and stayed most of the day without getting rubbed off my lids!

More pics

What you think!?!! Is there anything left on your makeup stash that ColourPop needs to do!?! And will you be picking these up? Code ANGELA5 might work for $5 off (not affil).


  1. Woah, the pictures were just so clear it was like watching in real life😁.
    Thanks so much for the detailed review and swatches and putting your eyelashes through all this strain.🤓


  2. Haven’t bought from CP in ages as haven’t had the money but thought I’d catch up on the newness in anticipation of making an order…..LOve those lenses, looked them up but unfortunately they don’t do my prescription as I’m -14.5 myopic and they stop at -13 😦 Phooey!


  3. Ooo those Kiss N Teal and Blue Ya Mind shades…. Color mascara from relatively known brand that actually shows up. Finally! Thank you for taking the time of trying every shade and showing the result to us 🙂
    Have a nice one 😉


  4. I was *just* yesterday thinking about when CP would bring out mascara. I’m not usually a fan of the bigger fuzzier wands but I’ll definitely try the black.. not sure about maybe the pink and the purple as well?


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