Fenty Beauty Foundation: probably the most unpopular review I will ever write.

Purchased. Affil link.

My love for Rihanna took me to buy a bunch of her products the moment they dropped, even as celebrity endorsed products have a 50/50 chance to suck hard (at least in my book) I am also a packaging whore and the moment they dropped I knew I needed at least some of that.

My review of the highlighters is posted HERE and if you read that you’ll know I was planning on returning some of them, well I DID, and got with that return to purchase the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation and some of the shimmer sticks .

Now, I had initially reserved my full thoughts on the foundation as I had initially only received a sample. I commend her HIGHLY for the extensive shade range, it was a bold move and one that as a consumer, we embraced proving to other less inclusive brands that there was a market for all sorts of odd shades that do exist in nature and had a lot of us mixing and matching.  I liked the initial feel of the formula and the shade matched me PERFECTLY but I had not tested it thoroughly so I decided to get matched and took this baby on a hardcore testing environment: GEN BEAUTY – NYC. it was going to be hot and humid, hectic, long days and longer nights so this was the time to shine! boy did it take it literally (and not in a good way).

Lets start with a bit about my skin: Im dry af, I was matched with shade 260 as a neutral medium skintone. I tested this with and without primer, with and without setting spray, with and without setting powder.  All of the products I tested with have been previously used by me with no problems.

Shall we go to testing environment:

Day 1:  

Moisturizer: La Mer.

Primer: L’Or Pure Radiance Face Primer

Setting Spray: Urban Decay All nighter

Setting Powder:  RCMA

Application: Wayne Goss foundation brush and Beauty Blender Sponge

Highlight: Cover Fx drops with OFRA glazed donut. sparingly

Results: it did not stay shine free (I didn’t actually highlight my cheek) for the most part however, it does NOT play well with setting spray, it separated slightly around my jaw and nose after 4 hours approx. It could also be a result with the primer not being too friendly.   I tried layering it and it was giving me horrible cake face and settling into my pores, it didn’t provide the coverage I wanted with a little blemish sitch I had going on so its def light – medium coverage.

Exhibit A: (notice @lipdrama is a fken flawless besh next to me).

Night 1: 

Moisturizer: La Mer.

Setting Spray: none

Primer: none

Setting Powder:  none

Application: Wayne Goss foundation brush and BB Sponge

highlight: DOC Fuego. sparingly as I was late already..

Results: GREASEBALL. I chose to let it go without setting powder for the night because I knew I would be sweating and dancing and I wanted to see how it would hold.  AS YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE Every single picture was horribly shiny and I was affected on how sweaty it was making me look. I would’ve probably been born easier and slide right out of my mothers womb this time around, and not the 24 hour ordeal she claims, my big ass head would’ve probably been super slippery.

Exhibit B:

Pics with Gabriel Zamora, @makeup.just.for.fun, @melaninmakeup and @lipstickjunkieforever

Day 2: 

Moisturizer: La Mer.

Setting Spray: none

Setting Powder:  none

Primer: none

Application: Wayne Goss foundation brush and BB Sponge


preamble: I woke up with a pimple on my nose, mind you I only had one drink at the party and had paella for dinner (shoutout to my moms for the best paella this side of the world) and promptly removed and washed my face that night. Fenty didn’t cover that up and my little Rudolph face had to face meeting brands that way at Gen Beauty.

Greaseball 2.0 situation, and this time I felt I didn’t have any coverage on, because the whole settling into pores thing had me using it on a lighter layer so I wouldn’t trigger Trypophobia; although some peeps said oh but your skin looks good – liar sonsofbetches I could’ve probably rocked my bare skin better pores and all.

The foundation is promoted as a self setting foundation and promising no need for a setting powder, this is certainly not true.

THE YAY: I am all for an amazing coverage ONCE YOU LAYER IT WITH A GOOD PRIMER AND A POWDER! and for the shade matching me finally without the need to be mixing two and three foundations

THE MEH: it definitely needs a setting powder and it doesn’t perform well with a setting mist either. Use a good mattifying primer if you tend to get oily – I am by no means oily and somehow I was very extremely dewy under the circumstances.

THE TROLL MOMENT (taken from the sephora page, my notes on pink):


Finally—the ultimate photo filter in foundation form this is not a filter! stop lying. . Born in 40 boundary-breaking shades that I give ya, knocked it out of the park – props, Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation gives skin an instantly smooth, pore-diffused no baby no, MY PORES COULD BE SEEN FROM THE MOON, shine-free finish I shone like a diamond in the sky – whatever that means, pun I’m keeping  that easily builds to medium to full coverage. The oil-free formula is made with climate-adaptive technology that’s resistant to sweat and humidityhahahahahhahahaa it was hot as balls in nyc – the only thing that adapted to that was me when I realized I might as well rock my greaseball face and have fun, and won’t clog pores oh it fken did. wanna see my nose? so that wherever you are, it’s going to work on your skin. Best of all, this longwearing, light-as-air texture is undetectable on skin—so you always look like you like me, but if I had rubbed an empanada on my face. .

Conclusion: its going back. Bitch better have my money.

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