Long, Healthy Hair: Tips & Tricks!


Sometimes after I get my hair colored, I’ll post pics on ig and every time, I get a ton of requests for a hair care routine. I’m not a hair stylist and I think that my long hair is mostly due to genetics and a somewhat healthy lifestyle but I do have a few product recommendations and tips that I swear by. Again I’m def not an expert and these are just things that work for me. But hey… it’s worth a try!

First thing’s first… find a good stylist. I’ve gone to the same girl since we were in high school together. Now I drive two hours to see her. She recently had a minor surgery that had her out of commission for a few weeks and I considered jumping off of the Empire State Building. If you’re lucky enough to have an excellent stylist, take good care of them! Tipping is not just a city in China! For my red, she uses Keratin Complex and Sparks hair color. This means nothing to me but you can pass that info along to a professional if you like the color.

This next tip falls in with the ‘seeing a good stylist’ part… let them cut your hair!! Get rid of those split ends and don’t be stingy about it! Those raggedy ends aren’t cute and ultimately lead to breakage. When you get your hair done, let he or she cut off whatever needs to go, whether it be an inch or six. Your hair will look and feel a lot more healthy!

As far as shampoo and styling products, I swear by Pureology, specifically the hydrating formula. I’ve tried many other product lines but I ALWAYS come back to Pureology. It’s the only shampoo and conditioner that can remove all of my tangles.


It is a more pricey line but it’s highly concentrated and worth every penny. A few other things that I wanted to bring to your attention… I use their regular hydrating line but they also have a ‘Sheer’ version that won’t weigh down fine hair. Ulta sells travel sized bottles, if you don’t want to commit to the full sized right away.

And right now if you spend $50+, there’s a free GWP.

As far as styling products, I use the following…

Biosilk for frizz

It’s a 10 for heat protection

Elizabeth and James Dry Shampoo for in between washes.

My hair is on the dry side so I need to use hydrating products but on the plus side, I only have to wash it every 5 or 6 days which helps my color remain vibrant.

I’ve had long hair for most of my life but for years my cut off point was the small of my back. Which is long af, don’t get me wrong but it wouldn’t grow passed that point. That is… until I started using coconut oil.

I’ve put together these before and after shots to show you what I mean.

Now if I don’t get my hair cut regularly, I find myself sitting on it. However coconut oil can be a bitch to work with. I use it 2 or 3 times a month. I wait until the night before a lazy day. I apply a small amount, concentrating first on the ends and the more damaged hair around my face, slowing working the product through to the roots. You don’t need to use a ton, unless you don’t mind washing your hair a half dozen times to remove the residue. Once the product is evenly distributed, I wrap a scarf around my head and let the magic happen overnight. You don’t need to leave it on for that long, that’s just what I do. Next comes the tricky part… removal. First you’ll want to rinse with hot water for a good, long time. *Note- hot water isn’t good for color but you’ve got to choose your battles* Next instead of applying shampoo, I use a deep conditioner (this one from Pureology). I allow it to soak in for a few minutes while I shave my legs and whatnot. Then I rinse thoroughly for a second time and THEN, I shampoo. For some reason, applying those products in reverse removes the oil much more effectively

Here’s another before photo that I found. Yes, my mirror is filthy. Don’t judge me.

And another ‘after’… the only change in my routine was the coconut oil.

As far as heat styling, I try to let my hair air dry most of the way before giving it a quick blast with the blow dryer.

My favorite styling tool is this bad boy from Sultra. It’s expensive but I use it for straightening, waves and curls so it’s worth it for me!

Let’s recap!

🎀 Step one is to fuel your body with the nutrients that it needs. Oh wait… sidebar… I don’t take any supplements. I’m not a Dr. If you want to buy those Halo Beauty pills, go for it! But imma pass.

🎀Step two- regular hair cuts

🎀Step three- Pureology

🎀Step four- coconut oil

🎀Step five- limit heat styling

And that’s it! Not exactly earth shattering information but that’s what works for me. If you decide to try any of these tips, be sure to let me know if you get results!


  1. Ang, girl, your hair is to die for!!!! I used to use coconut oil pretty regularly too, exactly the way you did. But I stopped when I went for the blue/black hair last year because a) I heard that coconut oil and other oils can strip color especially semi-permanent like blue. And b) like you said, it takes about a half dozen washes to remove all the residue and my blue fades quite a bit with each wash. Do you find yourself having to dye your hair more often with the coconut oil treatments?

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    • Not really. But my hair has been red forever. And since it grows fast, I try (key word: try) to get it colored every 6 weeks because my roots look awful. I’ve heard the same thing about coconut oil but the good out weighs the bad for me. Maybe research different kinds of oil? Like Aragon and Moroccan etc. Not sure if the same rules apply across the board

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  2. I have red hair too, and I swear by alot of the same tips and tricks! Gteat products too! I swear by the Biosilk-HG product! I only use it on my ends cause my hair will get too greasy-it makes it so shiney! I get so many compliments! Smells great too. Ill even use on my cuticles/elbows

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