Kett Cosmetics FIXX Powder Foundation – review and swatches

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I haven’t worn powder foundation since my early 20’s. I grew up with extremely dry skin and when I was able to afford a decent liquid foundation, I made the switch and never looked back… until now.

Kett Cosmetics just released their FIXX powder foundations and you can found the 12 shade range at Muse Beauty Pro HERE. They are most known for they airbrush products in the MUA industry.

There are 12 shades in total with neutral undertones as well as Olive and Ruby. Each retails for $34 for 10g of Powder In a large compact with a mirror and a powder sponge.

It’s gluten and paraben free, cruelty free and vegan, and picture this: its got an amazing coverage and it’s enriched with antioxidants and shea butter.

THE TESTING PHASE: I used with the sponge it comes with over primer and later I have gone with a powder brush over problem areas to layer and blend. I initially tried N3 which resulted in a lighter shade than what I wanted, I ended up settling for N4 which actually matches my neck perfectly. I have used this for two weeks now just over primer and have found it to be buildable and providing excellent coverage of my redness, it plays well with other powders I have layered in the form of blush and highlighters and doesn’t get muddy nor oxidized. I have used it with both a setting spray (COLOURPOP’s) and without and have liked both finishes, the latter just slightly dewy. It lasts about 5 hours before starting to fade when used without a setting spray.

THE MEH: still think that albeit a 12 shade is a good start, they might want to expand to include shades in between as well as expanding the darker spectrum. It didn’t do much for my pores which I corrected with a good dusting of Viseart’s SEAMLESS SETTING POWDER.

OVERALL: liked, it feels weightless and it’s effortless in application but make sure you exfoliate properly before applying any form of powder foundation (or any whatsoever!) because it will show if you have dry patches or peeling of any kind. Can be effortlessly layered and easier to blend given that it’s a powder. The darker shades are beautiful as bronzing shades as well. I have been converted back to powder foundation after years of the liquid stuff, this is easier and effortless without the complicated amount of blending liquid requires and gives me an amazing finish that feels like I’m not wearing anything. Consider me sold.


Multiple swatches in different lighting:


  1. Oh bummer. N2 looks like it’d be too dark on me. I’m a yellow/olive toned complexion but super pale. Most things look peach or orange on me (or too yellow). Otherwise, I thought it would have been great to try.


  2. I’m having flashbacks to middle school when all anyone wore was powder foundation. Layers and layers of it. Reapplying in a little cloud during class.

    This looks better, haha.


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