Looxi Beauty Precious Metals 2 – Swatches and review – Added Bonus: NEW Highlighters!

Sample, affil link

Word to the unsuspecting: swatching these is addicting. Looxi Beauty is dropping new Precious Metals on Friday 3/23 at Noon EST and with them, three new highlighters, because why not! spring is here! (well, someone pass a memo to mother nature, since we seem to be getting blizzards every day on the reg).

The newness includes 9 new metallic shades, and they are utterly fantastic; she worked on a new formula that doesn’t require a wet brush to foil and is not chunky or glittery. Its simply perfect. Each will be $5 and all 9 for $45, with our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT they are $4.50 each or $40.50 for the set. The highlighters will be $7.50 or $6.75 with our code.

The Shades!

GILDED: a bright gold

LAVISH: a light peach with gold


MAGMA: a darker gold

BUILLION: a bright yellow gold


TESLA: a bright baby pink


PLATINUM PINK: A cool toned mauve with silver

FUSION: Its not a purple or a pink, is somewhere in between, lots of silvery mauve and magic.


RUBY REIGN: a cranberry red that bleeds out spectacularity

DEEP: the deepest royal blue.

Im just letting the swatches talk for themselves here..

The three highlighters are also with a new formula, to feels almost wet on the fingers and glides beautifully when used with a brush.

Forbidden is a light champagne gold, similar to Amrezi’s ( I keep forgetting to compare them and post, will do tomorrow).

Innocent has a pink tint to it.

TEMPTRESS is a darker bronzier version, for the tanned skins and such.

Here is more swatches.


Don’t forget the collection drops this friday! 10% off with our code BEAUTYCULT.


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