A lot of people have been asking how these two palettes compare. They do have some similar shades but not many actual dupes. 

  • SUEDE and WARM TAUPE- both have taupe undertones but SUEDE is much darker.
  • COCO and CYPRESS UMBER- these are the darkest browns in each palette. CYPRESS UMBER is darker and more cool toned 
  • VENETIAN RED, MANEATER and LOVE LETTER- these are all matte reds. LOVE LETTER has more purple undertones. VENETIAN RED and MANEATER are similar but VENETIAN RED is softer. 

  • BAE and TEMPERA- these are the highlight shades in each palette. BAE is a pale matte yellow and TEMPERA is an off white with a satin finish 
  • SHY and BUON FRESCO- these two really aren’t anything alike. SHY is dusty rose but it leans much more pink with very little mauve.
  • RED OCHRE, HENNA and REALGAR- All three are reddish browns but RED OCHRE is deeper and more rich. HENNA is closer to REALGAR in color.

  • VERMEER, MOONDUST and PRIMAVERA- MOON DUST is closer to PRIMAVERA but it’s more yellow.
  • RAW SIENNA, SANDALWOOD and BURNT ORANGE- SANDALWOOD falls in between BURNT ORANGE and RAW SIENNA. I think it’s closer to BURNT ORANGE but darker.

So although these two palettes have alike color schemes, there’s really there’s only 3 colors in the HUDA palette that are all that similar to shades in MODERN RENAISSANCE: MANEATER, HENNA and SANDALWOOD. The formula of the shadows in MODERN RENAISSANCE is far superior in my opinion. But to be fair MR is an amazing palette with some of my favorite mattes ever. Even though there aren’t a ton of actual dupes, I think that you could do similar looks using the mattes of either palette. Phew! Glad that’s over with! I’m ready to be done thinking about the HUDA palette for awhile! But eventually I can compare it to the VIOLET VOSS HOLY GRAIL palette, if you guys want! 

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