Becky G x ColourPop swatches

Sample. Save 10% at ColourPop with affil code BEAUTYCULT – CLICK HERE

VIVA!!!! NEW BECKY G X COLOURPOP collabbbb!!!!!!!! Part 3! Reveal!! Released this past Friday

$22 foursome : it has the B imprinted on the super shock itself!⁣

Shades: ⁣



Verano ⁣


$18 glossy lip bundle⁣

Shades: ⁣




cream finish terra-cotta⁣- this bled a little on me so use a liner! – i never use liners for lip swatches so I don’t change the shade for pictures but I do use them Irl to avoid feathering. ⁣⁣

$35 full collection⁣

🤘10% off code BEAUTYCULT ⁣

Exclusions apply- codes may not apply for collabs but they may apply to other goodies in your cart! ⁣happy shopping!

Overall must have: ALE GLOSS! I feel the sss are adorable but you have dupes in your stash if you’ve been buying cp for a long time.

Let me know if you picked up anything!!

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