The Queen Collection: Fumi X Juvia’s: First Impressions, Swatches and Discount Code

Sample. Affiliate code.


Juvias Place’s new collab with Fumi Désalu-vold drops TOMORROW, July 31! You can get the entire collection (the palette, both glosses and makeup bag) for $50 or you can purchase the palette separately for $15 and the glosses for $10 each.

I wasn’t very familiar with Fumi’s channel because I don’t really watch makeup videos on YouTube. But I’ve had her videos playing as I edited these pics and worked on swatches and I love her. She’s obviously beautiful and charismatic but she also gives off a vibe of approachability. Our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT will save you 10% off of all Juvia’s place products but Fumi has a code too. It feels kinda inappropriate to push our code on someone’s collab.

I’ve only had the collection for two days so I’m not really able to do a review at this point but I think that we can agree that Juvia’s palettes are consistently great. Choosing shades for a 6 pan palette must be insanely difficult but I think that Fumi did a great job of picking colors that are multipurpose and universally flattering. Multipurpose because the shimmers can double as highlighters and the mattes as blushes. Universally flattering because they’ll look great on all skintones.

The glosses are also really nice. Are these Juvia’s first glosses??? I think so but I’m not 100% sure. They’re highly pigmented and the formula is nourishing and not the least bit sticky. I thought that the shade Fumi was black but its actually a deep berry color. And the shade Royalty is a warm nude.

I’m sure that this collection is limited edition and I’m not certain how many times that it will be restocked so if you want it, don’t wait too long!

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