Sonia G Pro Face Brush Set Review

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The Sonia G Pro Face set launched!!!!!! And by the time you read this post it’ll prob be sold out, I’m being informed they are only launching as bundles, but eventually they’ll be available individually, don’t quote me when but remember the pro eye set dropped the same way and sold out within days without a restock in sight.

If you don’t know who Sonia is, let me tell you she is THE BRUSH BLOGGER of brush bloggers, I’ve been reading her since 2011ish looking for recommendations and comparisons on my original brush love: the Japanese Fude aka handmade brushes made by artisans with old school techniques and prime materials. When she launched her line with Beautylish I knew this woman was onto something, the toughest critic finally taking her knowledge and experience and perfecting a product to her specifications? So yea, you’re in for a trip. I have another brush from her line and a fantasy cart ongoing at Beautylish where I put things in and out trying to make it a plausible cart. I have conversations with Angela til late night discussing these brushes. This is serious guys! These is what we were training for! These are 7 ring brushes! These are the “next” in THANK YOU NEXT brushes. These are grown up brushes, I have a career and buy the best – brushes. These are I won the divorce settlement – brushes. And the best part is that they’re so easy to use, even if your technique is flawed, they are meant to make your application easier and smooth. But I’ll go more into each one of them evwn

These brushes are made with either undyed and dyed (or even mixed) Saikoho goat bristles becoming the ultimate work horses for your vanity, the handles are a deep red that darkens to a black where the logo and name of the brush is in gold.

The FACE PRO: This is the largest one of the brushes, with a mix of dyed and undyed bristles. This is meant to be a bronzer or even blush brush if you didn’t need to be precise. I wear very aloof blush sometimes bringing it up to my Temples and staying away from the apples of my cheeks, I feel I violate every rule of blush but I dont care. I used it for setting powder, for hourglass powder, for meteorites… it was the softest and grabbed enough powder for a delicate diffused application and my nest trial will be with bronzer as I tend to do soft washes of bronzer rather than contouring and the sort. This is my favorite brush of the set and I hope it comes out by its own because I need at least an extra one for setting powder whilst I dedicate one to blush.

The INOCHIGE PRO This brush is named after the “heart of the brush” in calligraphy where artisans put a few hairs right in the middle that are longer and end up being the core. Like the name hints at, this is a tapered brush that is thick and dense in the middle and thins out to a delicate point. This is a good targeted blush or bronzer brush or for highlight fiends like me that like putting that glow glow everywhere.

The CHEEK PRO This brush is smaller than what I’m used to for cheeks, meant this way to be able to use eyeshadow shades as cheek products, athe size serving the purpose of enabling the use on smaller pans or for packing shades on the apples of the cheek. Nifty, but I’ll prob end up using as a highlighter brush for detailing like bridge of the nose and tip of the Cupid’s bow. Pale blush lovers will love this one as it’s amazing for packing those light shades that need more buildup.

The FAN PRO – I have a similar brush from Hakuhodo I had brought from Japan and love it and I’m glad now I have two. This is a smaller fan brush I have been using for the upper cheeks and brow bone highlighting. It worked excellent with both cream and powders.

The DETAIL PRO: Hello multipurpose! looking like a thicker crease brush, its size catered to be used with smaller pans so you desire to use shadows on the face for targeted placement. Think: shadows as highlight or blush etc.

These brushes launched already, they retail for $270 and can be purchased in installments at Beautylish HERE. I know you’re going to tell me they are a lot of money etc etc, but I promise you if you ever try a Sonia G or a Wayne Goss or a Hakuhodo or a Chikuhodo brush, you’re burning them mass production ones you’ve been getting because an influencer promoted them on YouTube. I promise you over the bristles of my holy grail brushes that you will. You will be damaged and everything else will seem harsh and scratchy. I’m telling you cause I was there years ago, buying cheap brush after cheap brush; yes: I have a lot of inexpensive brushes I love, and they serve their purpose, but once you try a Japanese brush you are changed for life.

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