Beautylish Lucky Bag 2019

Purchased. Affil links.

It’s that time again! Where we start our yearly show and tell about the amazing Beautylish Lucky Bags!!! This year I was the only sucker that ended up getting this as Angela exercised tremendous will power and decided to skip. Sad sad day as I didn’t have anyone to continuously stalk online for other lucky bags and nervously anticipate with.

This is a yearly tradition by Beautylish, inspired by the Japanese fukubukuro lucky bags where in the New Year, Japanese retailers make merchant mystery bags for a set price, usually containing higher valued items and some bags being luckier than other. There has been insane bags with magical Chikuhodo brush sets and others with large Natasha Denona palettes. Little old me never gets lucky but rather gets an assortment that usually works for giveaways and bday present additions, I’m not mad.

From the company:

Lucky Bags are mystery bags of beauty products (plus extra surprises if you’re really lucky). This year, we’re offering four types of Lucky Bags: • Original Lucky Bag ($75 for $150+ of products) • Lucky Bag XL ($150 for $350+ of products; available in the U.S. only)

This year there was a Jeffree Star option too And even one where you bought one and gave one away to charity.

I bought the original bag for $75 because the XL ones FLY OUT THE SHELVES in seconds. If you are reading this years after, preparing for a new launch: please learn to be quick because they fly.

My items:

JOUER COSMETICSBest of Lip Toppers Mini Gift Set


Why is every brand doing the dots thing? Ive seen this with Becca, then Morphe.. I smell a lawsuit!
Meh, honestly i don’t have a need for seven tiny glittery glosses, as I have a saturation of glosses myself already. I tested one of these and there was glitter all over my face in about 10 minutes in my testing. I let it go and will prob give the rest away to my niece.

ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Subculture Eye Shadow Palette


I have this gorgeous palette, and I may add its one of my favorite ABH productions. I will probably either trade it with another Lucky Bag recipient or my mom will steal it next time she’s in town, she’s been complaining about me not giving her enough olive dark sultry shades (she follows me here guys, only reason I don’t curse more).

ORIBE Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil

1.7 Oz. $38

I haven’t tried this oil before, Angela swears by it so I’m going to try it once this weekend when I blow dry my hair, if it doesn’t work out, its going to Casa Tanner.

HOURGLASS Caution Extreme Lash Mascara


I love getting mascara! I have sensitive eyes and try not to keep a mascara more than a few months after its been open so I keep several in rotation. The packaging is super luxe and I love this brand. WIN!

WAYNE GOSS Brush 18 Eye Shadow Blending Brush


I can probably receive these for any special occasion and be excited every single time. WG brushes are workhorses and I still am trying to gather all of them, I had this one but I don’t mind a double up.

Good Molecules Super peptide serum

Price: ?

Beautylish frequently adds new brands to the Lucky Bag as a way to market them and get a feel of consumer opinion before launch, I didn’t find much about it only that they are very affordable options for skincare and that they are coming soon. It sounded close to what the Ordinary is and given the recent events (Brandon Truaxe, the Ordinary / Deciem founder passing away) I wonder if this is the same brand doing a major rebranding? Im not sure, I already started using this serum and we shall see if it does anything.


I spent $90 ($75 plus tax and shipping) and got $169+ ( I don’t know the price on the serum, as its not released), technically a deal but I probably wouldn’t have purchased these items purposely, not a total loss as I will use some, and end up giving or exchanging the rest, as I’ve gotten accustomed to; but I feel this is my last year buying these.

I have accrued as a blogger a large amount of cosmetics that I cannot possibly spend on surprise bags anymore risking receiving doubles. I also am saying this now out of salt because I feel mine didn’t have any “special” item or high dollar item and Ive seen some others that are better and I’m feeling a special kind of petty right now. Next year when Im posting my excitement towards yet again another Lucky Bag purchase, please be kind and don’t remind me how salty and immature I was today? be a good neighbor.


  1. So, I’m pretty much done with BL and don’t mind for one second if you’re feeling any crappy feels. They didn’t send me the email with the link to purchase the bags until it was too late for the XL. Yes, it was only a few minutes late, but like Bon said…gone in nanoseconds. I was under the impression that one had to spend over 1,000$ to qualify for the XL pre-order or something along those lines. I feel so stupid…


  2. Hahahaha this is exactly how i felt with my first two lucky bags and so this year it was XL or nothing for me. And when the XL sold out in 2 NANOseconds, I said fuck it! Peace out beautylish…..then bought their $300 chikuhodo brush set a week later. SMH.

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