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In addition to two new blush palettes, Juvia’s Place also released two new brush sets today (May 9). We had the opportunity to get our hands on them a little so we could review them for you guys! As you may already know, we are affiliated with Juvia’s Place. She’s provided us with discount code BEAUTYCULT that our audience can use to save 10%. If you choose to use it, we’ll earn a commission on that sale. We appreciate your support!

Okay enough small talk… let’s do this!


The pink set has 5 brushes and costs $22.50 with our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT ($25 without). All the brushes are synthetic, very soft and well made.

Included in the pink set:

🔹️Medium tapered powder brush

🔹️Detail concealer brush 

🔹️Fluffy blending brush

🔹️Tapered crease brush

🔹️Dense shader brush

The powder brush is perfect for setting undereye concealer. The pointed concealer brush is very narrow and will fit into the contours around the eyes and nose. This can also be used as a crease brush but its too long for my liking as an eye brush. The two blending brushes are similar in size but one is fluffy and the other is narrow and tapered. The fluffy one will be good for applying color and blending and the other for more detailed crease work. The shader brush is quite dense and will be good for packing on color and buffing out the lower lash line. 

It’s a nice set of affordable brushes. And if my other Juvia’s brushes are any indication, these are going to hold up well over time. They don’t get scratchy or start to fall apart the way some affordable brushes do. 


 The teal set has 9 brushes and is $36 with the code ($40 without). The set includes:

🔹️Large tapered powder brush

🔹️Medium tapered powder brush

🔹️Fluffy blending brush

🔹️Tapered crease brush

🔹️Detail crease brush

🔹️Large pencil brush

🔹️Flat shader brush

🔹️Angled liner brush

🔹️Small detail brush

 I think most of these are pretty self explanatory. The medium powder brush is perfect for setting concealer. I’m dying to use that skinny crease brush. Brushes like that are so underrated. It will get all up in the crease of your eye so that you can easily define without diffusing the color. The shader brush is super thin (it’s similar to the CP shader brush) so it’ll be good for pigments, glitter and cream products. The angled brush is really nice too. It’s also very thin and the fibers are short so it will give you a lot of control. The small detail brush can be used for lipstick but it would also be nice for laying down a cream base for a cut crease.


It’s also worth noting the two blending brushes and medium powder brush are repeated in both sets. If they’re not exactly the same, they’re extremely similar. Just something to be aware of before ordering both sets. If you were going to choose to between the sets, I’d get the Turquoise. You get 4 more brushes and it’s only $13.50 more.
Review and swatches of the blush palettes coming soon!


  1. I ordered these and the postman left them at someone else’s house. They’ve been out of stock ever since 😦 I want them so bad! They look beautiful!


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