Juvia’s Place “Saharan Blush Palette Vol 1” Swatches and discount code

The following product was purchased and the code is affiliate based.

THIS JUST DROPPED YOU GUYS! run to this cause these things get sold out quicker than cronuts! SAVE 10% with our code “BEAUTYCULT” at Juvias Place 

This is the VOL 1 of two palettes being released, this is catered to deeper darker skintone whilst the VOL 2 is a Light/Medium skintone palette. These are heavy swatches to show the color payoff but as you blend them out, you can achieve the desired pigmentation you want. If you are light skinned you can skill use this with a light hand or even as shadows.

First of all, there is no dud on this, matte dark shades can sometimes be tricky but even the plum shade in this palette was smooth in application and did not show any sign of patchiness even as mostly every other blush this shade (think Shadowy Lady (blush version) from MAC) usually gives you problems, this did not.. so with that lets break down the shades:

ZARA: this is a highlighter shade in a bright bronze, crazy pigmented and smooth and easy to blend.

NEO: this is a dark rich marsala red in a matte finish

LILA: this bronze shade is toned down and a satin finish, so this doesn’t have the high shimmer of a highliter and you can use it to bronze or contour

ZANE: gorgeous hot pink! matte finish

TOBY: quite interesting mandarin orange shade, matte and Ill definitely be trying this on as I love different edgy blush shades, you can also mix this with the pink for a peachy tone.

ABY: this plum is everything, I cannot rave enough cause shades like this can be used as contour shades on my melanin rich beauties as well as on lighter broads, and with a light hand as blush. In fact: very pale girls can apply and blend this out to a gorgeous plummy cheek to pait with a vampy lip for a stunning contrast!

anyway you wanna see swatches right? behold more pics 

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