Last week @limecrimemakeup released 6 new foiled eyeshadow duos. They’re $18 and come in a little compact with a mirror. The total weight is .17oz (each color is .085oz). So you’re getting a good amount of product. Personally the little mirror isn’t something that I’ll use but it’s a nice touch. 

So the formula… when the wifey, @colourpopcult and I, were having our morning makeup roundup meeting she said that formula is similar to the JEFFREE STAR SKIN FROSTS and I had to agree. The most comparable that I can think of is the SUVA BEAUTY  metallic eyeshadows. They have creamy but rough texture. Think large pigment particles. I started to swatch them using a brush but it was a pain the ass so I gave up and used my fingers. I’m sure that you could use a brush but your fingers will give you a smoother application. Applying these shadows dry will give a more glittery textured appearance. Wetting them will give you a smooth, ultra metallic finish. Also using them wet will (mostly) prevent fallout. One negative- these shadows, especially COSMIC, stained my skin. I really had to scrub my fingertips to get it off.
And the colors… LAWN is bright vibrant green and FLAMINGO is bright barbie pink. ELECTRIC is a muted grayish purple. BARBARELLA is a really unique color. Antique bronze? It’s a silver bronze but it’s got strong greenish undertones. COSMIC is deep purple with a bit of blue undertone and  pink and blue microglitter. FIREFLY is green/ reddish brown duochrome. 

Out of these 3 I’d most recommend ELECTRIC/BARBARELLA. These are both really unique shades. I can’t think of dupes for either. LAWN and FLAMINGO are also really pretty but they don’t speak to me as much as the other set. If were to buy these again, I would pass on COSMIC/FIREFLY. As i mentioned previously, COSMIC stained my skin. It’s also a color I’ve seen a lot before. I know there’s a COLOURPOP shadow that’s similar but I can’t remember the name. FIREFLY is another one that I’ve seen many times before. Possible dupes include INGLOT 84, MUG RITZY etc.

Set 2 of SUPERFOIL swatches! I think these 2 are my favs (along with ELECTRIC/BARBARELLA from the previous set).
These do apply better wet but you need to be careful not to get them too wet or else they’ll have a tendency to get patchy. What worked best for me was spraying fix + onto a palette then picking up product with my finger and just barely dabbing it into the fix +. There also seems to be a bit of variation in the formula from shade to shade. They all have really large pigment particles but some are smoother than others. COSMIC for instance is very flaky. Others (BARBARELLA, ELECTRIC, LAWN) started getting, not a film exactly but a packed down upper layer. I can still easily pick up product when using these shades but it’s not aesthetically pleasing. As I mentioned before it is possible to apply these with a brush but the color pay off is much more intense with your fingers. And you’ll get a smoother application. Surprisingly the brush seemed to cause more of a hardening to the top layer than my fingers did. Also when I used them wet, many of them stained my skin especially my fingers but my eyelids too. So there’s some definite pros and cons here. 

MALIBU is bright aqua. Convertible is a medium pink. It’s more cool toned than FLAMINGO with a subtle purple undertone. TUTU is periwinkle with pink sparkles. It’s in between purple and blue and it’s more muted than COSMIC. EN POINTE is a light peachy pink with lots of gold shimmer. From some angles it looks like it has a greenish cast. I’ve got a dupe in mind for this one but I probably won’t have time to swatch it for a few days.
Overall I’d give them a 7/10. Some shades I’d rate higher and others lower. They’re all really pretty but the formula isn’t perfect by any means. I think $18 is a fair price considering the packaging and amount of product. After playing with them a little, I’d recommend these 2 as well as ELECTRIC/BARBARELLA. And I’d only recommend the later because I find the colors to be really unique. The formula was a little tricky for both. 

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