Lit Cosmetics: Fall in Love Glitter mix

sample – affil code

Lit Cosmetics is doing glitter mixes now! which is basically a bunch of different colored glitters with hexagon and micro shimmers altogether – you know these are an easy staple for holiday where you want to add some snazz to your look and call it a day: just add glitter.

These are loose glitters, retails for $16 and comes down to $12.80 with our affil code BEAUTYCULT.  There is a lot on those jars to share so you can split pots with a buddy and survive this holiday season. Right now, this one is called FALL IN LOVE but there are new ones dropping very soon as they intend to make this a thing.

swatches and closeups.

Quick blog post cause its a monday, and I need to start adding all my swatches on here in case insta decides one day to revel its social media anarchy on me.

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