ColourPop Holiday Collection: This is not a dream – Swatches (most) and exclusive first look!

SAMPLE – Non affil code


YOU’RE GOING TO BE SHOOOOOkkk!!!!!! I wish this blog post had a pre blog page where its just a video of me calmly telling you to take a deep breath and a seat.

Lets dive in because we don’t have all day for me to ooh and ahh and tease about the stuff and you’re here to see the collection AMIRIGHT!?

So first off, I got these early because I’m hosting the first FLASH SWATCH party for local friends, its a new way ColourPop is trying to venture outside of social media and basically I invited a few people over to check out the stuff for the first time before the launch. There will be wine, there will be a live, there will be swatches and tons of crazy ladies I care about checking out the new goods! everyone is amped and I have a mixed age group coming so that should be interesting! Its happening Wednesday at 6pm EST and well be having it alongside another fellow colourpop lovely so it should be a blast!

This is the holiday of the BRIGHTS, and for people that were afraid of colour, there are ways to make these subtle without being extra! start with a slight lower lashline lining or just using one shade altogether as a monochromatic lid and keeping the rest of your face muted. There is a $5 off code: ANGELA5 that I’m not sure if it applies to Holiday, its Angela’s non affiliate influencer code 🙂

THIS IS NOT A DREAM – Collection Launches 11/15 10AM PST

Chasing Rainbows Shadow Palette $20 – swatches to come!!

The outside of the palette (Holo deco packaging! )
The palette comes with a holographic sleeve with clouds and stars printed on it!

Dream Sequence Super Shock Highlighter Palette $18 (shades: Counting Sheep, Pinch me, Guilty Pleasure and Mr Wind)

I put my paws on it before taking a product pic! welp!
Holo deco packaging

Super Shock Highlighters- UPDATE- the shades won’t be avail individually, only as part of the foursome.

Second UPDATE: the highlighters will be sold individually and cost $8.

Double Rainbow Super Shadow Kit $25 or $5 each (Shades: Falling up, Roy G Biv, IRL, Milky Way, REM and ZZZ).

Note that these have multiple colored special packaging, with each shade having deco colors and even the insides have different colored rim on the shadow pots themselves.

WordPress lost most of my captions grrr! this is FALLING UP

Im excited  – Im a packaging fiend and little details like these make a product for me. Also recognizing the great designing team

Dream Baby Dream Lippie Stix Kit $25 or $5 each (Shades: At Twilight, Dream Date, Happy Thoughts, Are you Surreal?, Sky Walking, Infinite Best)

Flying Colours Liquid Lip Vault $80 (ALL 14 shades): this is the box that Jordynn teased (well, that I teased from a screen shot mwahahah) its got something for everyone and a lot of duochrome. Working on those swatches as well!

The box itself has slots for each shade and the names are behind in the bottom! so you know where to store them and they are all in order and rainbowlike!
duochrome everything!!!!!!!!!!!!  this shade is called DREAMAHOLIC
THIS IS THE GOLD! This is the gloss i had on Sunday when i was testing and teasing yall – its called HYPNOTEASE

The caps are HOLO
I didnt get to swatch these yet but im working on it!!!! SUN SUN COME BACK!!!

ROUND MIDNIGHT:  a creamy pink with hot pink sparkle

Ultra Glossy Lips $6: Starburst, Round Midnight, Paper Moon, Dust2Dust, Hypnotease, Stratus Update, Dreamaholic;

Ultra Satin $6.50 Pitter Ponder, Make Believe;

Ultra Matte Lips $6 each: Skyfall, Lala Land, Chronos

Ultra Metallic Lips $6: Morning Glory, Nimbus

Jelly Much $8 each: These are jelly consistency cream hybrids with a ton of pigment and a double lid to keep them airtight. I have grown a fan of these because they are easy to apply with a finger or brush and mix around to create easy peasy 10 min looks. They now have a new packaging with the shade on the lid.

New packaging on the Jellies! wiiii!!!!



mixing the jellies! 1: WAVELENGH – 2: MORNING LIGht mixed with Wavelenght 3: MORNING LIGHT
I left the last pic with the names till the end… 

Gliterally Obsessed Body Glitters $8:

These are glitter balms that are meant for the body and hair. They apply easier with fingers as they didn’t adhere to the brushes well when applying with them. FDA does NOT approve of glitter used on the eye, but these are cosmetic grade glitters and if you MUST, please layer a glitter glue on top to minimize fallout. Treat these like a pressed glitter and they’ll be your friend. Overestimate the binder medium they come with, and you’ll have  a bit of fallout to deal with.

Comparisons with LEMONHEAD LA: LHLA has more of a self adherent base and the glitter particles are larger, there is also other versions at LHLA that have different shaped glitters – those are called JAMS. I have a full blown post of those swatches here.

ColourPop’s version has smaller shimmers and they apply different too, in order for a solid opaque swatch you needed to layer these carefully and when layering since the binder is different you get some fallout. The best use for these will be for applying like a light veil of shimmer on your decolletage or mixing it with lotion. If you must apply in a heavier dose, use a setting spray to further adhere these since the pearls are so fine, you would prob end up with considerable fallout if layering.

i touched the side of this swatch and didnt realize until after. 

I blended this one on the arms. You can use it in this fashion to create crazy effects on your shoulders or even as cleavage bling!

Comparison HOUDINI (LEMONHEAD) VS COLOURPOP’S : the glitter on CP is smaller and it also has teal shimmers in there, also being that the glitter is smaller, it tends to be harder to lay flat. Also Lemonhead’s adhesive is stronger and less prone to fallout. THAT SAID: ColourPop’s has teeny tiny teal flecks that I will most likely appreciate worn on the eye with glitter glue.


This is not a dream Makeup Bag $10

Limited edition holiday PR Collection $300

Holiday Edition items only $290.

TADA! this is meant as a initial preview and I will work on the remainder swatches this week, stay tuned!


  1. Hi! Just a heads up- the highlighters are sold separately
 I got myself an individual one in ‘guilty pleasure’


    • Thank you! Yes I know; I did end up editing the IG post but didn’t here – will do so now. I receive my info from ColourPop hq And sometimes things change st the last minute and with the frenzy of release I forgot to edit wooops


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