Urban Decay ‘Naked Cherry’ Palette Dupes!!

Urban Decay Naked Cherry Palette ($49)

I just reviewed this collection a few days ago so I figured that I’d strike while the iron was hot with some dupes! This one was actually pretty easy. Not like that damn Huda Nude palette that might be the death of me.

Before we get started… if you like every color in the palette and you don’t own anything similar, then by all means get the palette! Not only would it be more expensive to buy 12 single shadows, it would also be a pain in the ass. Dupes are for people who are only interested in a few shades and don’t want to spend $50 on a palette. Also if you own palette then you know what singles NOT to buy. Most of you already realize this, I’m sure but every time someone says, ‘Wouldn’t it be cheaper just to buy the palette?’, the wrinkle between my eyes from constantly making my ‘Are you fucking kidding me right now?’ face deepens marginally. Roger that. Let’s get in to it!

• Hot Spot vs ColourPop Hear Me Out ($4)- when I sat down to edit these swatches, I realized that Hear Me Out was actually a pretty crappy choice on my part. It’s brighter and more yellow. But Hot Spot is just a (not particularly good) matte ivory. You probably have at least 5,000 similar colors in your collection.

Other options: Makeup Geek Vanilla Bean, Nabla Coconut Milk, Sydney Grace Summer Magic, Makeup Geek So Pale

• Caution vs Vanessa’s Vanity Soft Embrace ($6, save 20% with code OURBEAUTYCULT)- Caution is light beige matte. Soft Embrace is a little more cool toned. Makeup Geek Beaches and Cream is nearly perfect but it was discontinued. Snarls! Melt Cosmetics Blurr is really close too but it’s like $15 or $20…. so yeah… go with Soft Embrace

• Bang Bang vs Sydney Grace Lucky Peach ($6, Save 15% with code BEAUTYCULT)- Bang Bang is a peachy pink with gold shimmer. Lucky Peach is a bit more coral.

Other options: MUG Wildfire, Looxi Nova, Looxi Afterparty, Colourpop Take a Break

• Feelz vs Coastal Scents Redwood ($2.95)- Feelz is a warm rose matte. Redwood is a little more pink. I just now realized that Sydney Grace Adore Me is nearly identical. Makeup Geek Tuscan Sun is another good option

• Juicy vs Devinah Cosmetics Penelope ($5, Save 20% with code BEAUTYCULT)- Juicy is a matte peachy coral. Penelope looks nearly identical to me.

Other options: Colourpop Wait For It, Mac Coral (not cruelty free)

• Turn On vs Sydney Grace Strawberries & Cream ($6, Save 15% with code BEAUTYCULT)- Turn On is rosey champagne metallic. It was actually kinda hard to dupe, believe it or not. Strawberries & Cream is pretty damn close, just a little lighter and slightly more gold.

Option 2: Devinah Cosmetics Oracle

• Ambition vs Devinah Cosmetics Diva ($5, Save 20% with code BEAUTYCULT)- Ambition is a rosey copper metallic. Diva is a little more brown.

Other options: ABH Henna and Devinah Illicit

• Bing vs Looxi Beauty Madly Deeply ($5, Save 10% with code BEAUTYCULT)- Bing is a mid-toned rose berry matte. Madly Deeply is a little warmer. Nabla Verve is also really close

• Devilish vs Looxi Beauty Heartbreaker ($5, Save 10% with code BEAUTYCULT)- Devilish is a deep rose matte. Heartbreaker is darker. I just realized that Colourpop Get Out would be a closer dupe. I know. I’m the worst.

• Young Love vs Vanessa’s Vanity Ruby Evelyn ($6, Save 20% with code OURBEAUTYCULT)- Young Love is a berry metallic. Ruby Evelyn is a little more red.

Other options: Colourpop Pinky Promise, MUG Anarchy, City Color Cosmetics Marsala

• Drunk Dial vs Nabla Cosmetics Daphne °2 ($8)- Drunk Dial is a rusty burgundy metallic. Daphne °2 is a little more red.

Other options: Coloured Raine Date Night, Coastal Scents Rich Walnut, City Color Cosmetics Yas!

• Privacy vs Makeup Geek Americano ($6, Save 10% with code BEAUTYCULT)- Privacy is a dark plummy brown. Americano is darker and not as plum.

Other options: Looxi Chicory, MUG Aphrodite, ABH Beauty Mark

Tada! I do like this palette and I’d recommend it, if these colors appeal to you and you don’t already own a bunch of similar shades. Imo the most interest colors are Feelz, Bing, Devilish and Drunk Dial so I’d suggest considering the dupes for those shades if you’re looking to add some cherry to your collection! I’m also working on dupes for Huda New Nude, ABH Sultry and TF Gingerbread so hopefully they’ll be up later this month!

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