ColourPop Cosmetics My Little Pony Collection

Press sample

Children of the 80’s rejoice as OG My Little Pony has been served a Collab Collection with our beloved Colourpop, serving you pretty wearable shades and a touch of cutesy for the nostalgic in you.

The collection comprises of 3 super shock shadows $5 each, a palette ($16), a brush set ($22) a makeup bag (18), 3 ultra matte ($6 each) 3 glosses ($6 each) and 2 highlighters (these were not received but I’m buying them on release and will eventually update this post with those pictures). These are all dropping 10/5/17 10am pst And there is word on several bundle options but no confirmation yet on price/bundle specifics.

Let’s make this quick: the packaging is adorable! The boxes have the MLP print all over with holographic pony stickers and the cases themselves for the shadows are a pale lavender.


The finish on these are ULTRA GLITTER which acts like a glitter topper on your lid or lips, or even face if you’re into that (raver kid giggle!)

CHERRIES JUBILEE is a opalescent light lavender and pink shifting glitter

SUNBEAM is a purple lavender and periwinkle

POSEY is a champagne gold

The glorious part of these is that they are in that super shock formula that adheres by itself so fallout is minimal.

Some extra swatches for your enjoyment!!

Palette time!

This is the outside of the palette, with the ponies being slightly holographic

The back has the names

Behold the shades:

Now, I took these pictures in the afternoon where the lighting isn’t the best but BLOSSOM, STARSHINE, SNUZZLE and PRINCESS SPARKLE are all duochrome shades.

Added a few extra pictures in different lighting.

Now, I haven’t had the time to use these on my eyes so this is merely a swatch post! I did notice SNUZZLE is best to be applied on a light layer so you can notice it’s shift better.

The lipsticks!

Sooo my dog Bane Stole two of the shades and chewed the cases. He didn’t get to eat anything as they didn’t crack so I guess the packaging is Rottweiler proof!

This time, the glosses in this Collection have stolen my heart!

FLUTTER VALLEY is a bright gold, PONYLAND a creamy lavender violet with gold flecks and DREAM CASTLE a bright magenta pink.

The Mattes carry their own too

MOONDANCER is a brown purple, LEMON DROP a creamy medium toned purple and Pin wheel Is a bright Barbie pink

Galore pictures because nothing like changes in lighting to get an idea of the shade.

The makeup bag is a metallic lavender with a pony keychain and MLP print inside

The brushes are a set of 5 with pink handles and neon pink synthetic bristles

They come in a light violet plastic brushguard roll.

Overall the collection is pretty wearable shades even in the fall, even if you are not into My Little Pony there might be a shade or two to pop your cherry.

What do you have your eyes on!???


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