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Strap in, guys! This one is gonna be a dozy! The Urban Decay/ Game of Thrones collection sold out in a matter of hours (on UD’s website) but it will be available at Sephora and Ulta on 4/29 online and 5/2 in store. Let me preface this long ass post by saying that I looooooove GOT. And I don’t mean love in the way that it’s fucking trendy to say that you love GOT. I mean that I’m borderline obsessed. I’ve read all of the books, watched every episode 10x, had multiple sex dreams involving Jon Snow in a cave etc. So being the huge fan that I am, I had to have this collection and so far I’m loving it. I’ve heard a lot of people say that the Targaryen palette should’ve been red and black, the Stark palette should’ve been black and gray, the Rhaegal highlighter should’ve been green etc. Personally I disagree. I’m glad that they didn’t do an obvious, literal interpretation. But that’s just my opinion and I know that a lot of you disagree with me! Here’s what the collection includes:

UD | GAME OF THRONES Eyeshadow Palette ($65)

MOTHER OF DRAGONS Highlight Palette ($36)

UD | GAME OF THRONES 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils in Four Shades ($22 each)

JON SNOW’S LONGCLAW Large Eyeshadow Brush ($28)

ARYA STARK’S NEEDLE Flat Eyeshadow Brush ($28)

UD | GAME OF THRONES Vice Lipsticks in Four Shades ($19 each)

DRACARYS Lip & Cheek Stain ($26)

And you buy the whole shebang for $250

Starting with the eyeshadow palette… I decided to swatch each little section separately.

The first quarter of the eyeshadow palette is called White Walkers but it would be more accurate to call it North of the Wall.

Okay so they’re calling the larger round pans, ‘transformer shades’. Hardhome is a sparkly white with a subtle pink and gold shift.

Take the Black is a satiny black with silver sparkle. If you pack it on with a shader brush the sparkle will stick around. If you blend it, the sparkle will buff out and it will act like a black satin.

White Walker is a sheer white with an iridescent blue shift. It’s the type of shade that will be ideal as a topper. It looks kinda thick in the swatches because when I swatched it dry it wasn’t showing up that well (because it’s sheer) so then I did a wet layer over top. I should’ve removed the first swatch first instead of attempting to layer. My bad.

Frozen North is a deep metallic teal with micro shimmer.

Free Folk is a metallic silver.

Everything performed well, even White Walker. It just works best as a topper, like I said.

House Stark

Winterfell is the transformer shade. It’s a rich antique gold with tons of sparkle. The other three transformers are all iridescent but Winterfell is a more saturated color so I’m not sure that it would function the way that the others do.

The Sight is a sparkly emerald green.

Weirwood Leaves is a burgundy satin. I know that a lot of people have mentioned the lack of mattes in this palette. Weirwood Leaves has a sheen to it but no sparkle and it buffs out to be almost matte so you could definitely use it as a crease color.

Winter is Here is a deep brown with subtle shimmer. If you pack it on with a shader brush the shimmer is detectable but it does blend out so this it’s another shade that I wouldn’t hesitate to use in my crease.

Nymeria is a mid-toned warm brown with a creamy texture and excellent pigmentation.

All of these shades performed beautifully! Winterfell is a bit on the chunky side though so I’d probably use it wet to prevent fallout.

House Lannister

King’s Landing is the ‘transformer shade’. It has a white base with tons of sparkly yellow gold reflects.

Red Keep is a rich metallic copper.

Casterly Rock is a dirty bronze metallic.

House Lannister is a pinky peach with a matte finish.

Lannister Red is a brick red with a matte finish. I looooove this color!

House Targaryen

Bay of Dragons is the transformer shade. It’s a super sparkly, bright peachy pink. It has larger pigment particles so I swatched it wet to prevent fallout and would recommend using it the same way.

Stormborn is a deep violet metallic with pink and blue microglitter.

House Targaryen is a pale gold with peachy pink undertones and a metallic finish.

Dothraki is a rich true gold with a foiled finish.

Bend the Knee has a lavender base with sparkly blue reflects. It’s pretty similar to their Tonic single shadow but more sparkly.

This is probably my favorite section. I love all five colors! I know that a lot of people have mentioned the lack of mattes and they’re right. UD loves a shimmer heavy palette. There’s only 3 mattes, however there are 3 other shades in the previous sections that buff out to a nearly matte finish and can absolutely be used as crease shades. Actually any finish can be used in the crease. There’s no rules in makeup. But don’t get me started on that tangent again.

$65 is a LOT of money for a palette but I love it. And I’m sure that the HBO licensing fees weren’t cheap. Imo it’s worth every penny if you’re a GOT fan.

Phew! This was the longest part of the review! Pinky promise. I’ll keep the other sections brief!

MOTHER OF DRAGONS Highlight Palette ($36)

The palette includes three new shades of Afterglow Highlighter. I’ve never tried their Afterglow highlighters and I must admit that I wasn’t expecting much as I was pretty underwhelmed with the face palette in the Naked Cherry collection. You guys… these highlighters are fucking bomb.

The formula is so lightweight and finely-milled that it melts into the skin. The finish is super metallic and they build easily to that super blinding glow.

And I can wear all three shades! Rhaegal is a little dark but I love the bronzed effect that I get by mixing it with the two lighter shades.

I did a quick finger swatch of Rhaegal on the back on my hand in an attempt to better showcase the texture and finish. Not sure if I succeeded…

UD | GAME OF THRONES 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils ($22)

So we already know that UD eyeliners are the shit. The formula is super creamy and ultra-soft but still long wearing and waterproof.

– Dragon Smoke- smokey holographic black

– Winterfell Snow- iridescent white

-Lannister Gold- metallic gold

-The Night King- shimmering dark teal

My top picks are Lannister Gold and Winterfell Snow!

JON SNOW’S LONGCLAW Large Eyeshadow Brush ($28)

ARYA STARK’S NEEDLE Flat Eyeshadow Brush ($28)

These brushes are so friggin cool! The detail is incredible and they’ve got some serious heft to them. The actual brush heads are reminiscent of the brushes that used to come with the Naked palettes. Aka nothing special. I haven’t actually used them (and I don’t intend to) and I’m sure that the quality is fine. They’re just basic shapes, a flat shader and a larger, more fluffy shader. I feel like they’re more for show than practical use but I love them and if you’re a GOT fan, you will too.

UD | GAME OF THRONES Vice Lipsticks ($19)

UD Vice Lipsticks are another cult favorite! They’re super pigmented and they glide on smoothly. The formula is very comfortable and long lasting

-Cersei Lannister- metallic bronze

-Daenerys Targaryen- fiery red

-Sansa Stark- warm peach nude

-White Walker- deep berry-wine

Cerise is a really cool shade. And Daenerys is a beautiful red. Sansa applies a bit sheer but I like that for day to day use. White Walker is pretty but too vampy for me to pull off.

DRACARYS Lip & Cheek Stain ($26)

Inspired by the High Valyrian command for “dragonfire,” Dracarys represents confidence and power. This universally flattering Targaryen red shade gives you the perfect see-through flush on lips and cheeks. To use: Apply one to two drops to fingertips and blend into lips and cheeks.

This stuff applies sheer so I couldn’t really swatch it but it’s surprisingly pretty. I’ve been applying it with a dampened beauty blender and the result is a natural, rosey flush. It’s not a product that I would think to buy but I’m grateful to have it my collection!

If I hadn’t received this collection in pr, my first purchase would definitely be the eyeshadow palette. My second choice is a tie between the highlighter palette and the brushes. The highlighter palette is the practical choice because it’s absolutely gorgeous and I’m going to use the shit out of it this summer. The brushes I’m never going to use but I’m in awe of the detail and as a fan of the show, I’m thrilled to have them in my collection. My third choice is another tie. This time between the stain and the Winterfell and Lannister liners. I’ve got a zillion eyeliner pencils but I feel like those two are unlike anything in my collection. And the cheek stain is just super pretty. I wouldn’t personally buy any of the lipsticks but that’s because I rarely wear it. I’m a fan of super dramatic eyes, glowy skin and chapstick. I know. I’m a weirdo.

Overall I’m very impressed with the whole collection. The quality is on point and packaging is perfect. I could’ve easily included another 100 photos in this post. There’s so many tiny details in the presentation and outer packaging. If you’re a fan of makeup and the show then I think that you should get at least one piece!


  1. I was disappointed by their marketing. They sent it out to “Beauty Influencers,” who had no idea about Game of Thrones. It was disappointing I kept seeing tutorials that start out with “I’ve never actually watched Game of Thrones.” I also think they could have done better colors on the palette.

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    • What drives me nuts is the people that pretend to be fans of the show but they’ve clearly never seen more than 2 episodes. I love the whole collection but I’m biased because I’m crazy about anything GOT related

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m an avid GOT fan myself, although I defer to you on the sex dreams that’s a whole ‘nother level girl!!! (Although, I have sex dreams about my favorite men, Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Kylo (Adam Driver) they my BOYS!!! Mmm. I digress. I was underwhelmed by this release. I feel UD could’ve done better. The eyeliners and Sansa lipstick are all I’ll be buying! Btw who are your fave characters, alive or dead? Mine are are Sansa, Cersei (great villain and I love Lena) and LittleFinger. How stupid of them to do away with his excellent character so soon. Season 7 was a shit show. Fingers crossed the last 6 episodes are stellar!!!!

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