LoveLuxeBeauty new drenched powders for the win! 

Press sample. Affiliate code. 
New @loveluxebeauty drenched powders on herWEBSITE NOW! These powders are meant as shadows/highlighters as applicable and they come in large pans (37mm) and they retail $10 (10% with our affil code COLOURPOPCULT : they come out to $9 each). They’re cruelty free duh and they’re extremely foiled pigments that don’t need water to go on high beam mode. 

2 CENTS is a bronze with a metallic finish 

Two cents, Beautiful Nightmare, Mean Girl
BEAUTIFUL NIGHTMARE has a blue brown base with teal and silver shift. 

MEAN GIRL is brown with purple and it has a periwinkle shift 

HIGHROLLER is a pool of the brightest silver embedded within the brightest true gold. You can mix the two or use separately. 

LUCKY CHARM is bright light green with gold 

I compared it (with Angela’s guidance) to Natasha Denona’s cloudy blue and it’s a tad greener. See below 

PRISSY is peach with gold.  

My favorites are PRISSY, LUCKY CHARM and HIGHROLLER. I’ll def use MEAN GIRL on a smokey eye, it’s a shade that plays well with black and darker shades; beautiful nightmare is gorgeous but we have seen this shade before, as well as 2 cents; nevertheless the two are amazing on the lid.

They are overall gorgeous, a little soft in formula which makes them delicate and prone to cracking so put them in a sturdy palette, they have a creamy consistency so be careful when swatching and applying as a little goes a long way, you achieve full pigmentation with one swipe. Bananas. 

More swatches and video! 

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