As I mentioned in my review of this palette, finding dupes was more difficult than anticipated. A few things before we get started. When looking for dupes I’ll only consider options that are sold individually, currently available and cruelty free. And I also try to do my best to choose affordable alternatives. There were lots of Mac dupes but I’m making an effort to move towards only featuring (and using) cruelty free brands because so many of my followers feel passionately about it and I don’t want to disappoint them! I also passed over a bunch of ABH dupes because they’re $12 a pop. Keeping that in mind, let me show you what I came up with!

Peach Meringue vs Makeup Geek Vanilla Bean ($6)- Peach Meringue is a matte ivory. I used Vanilla Bean as a dupe but you probably have tons of similar colors in various palettes. 
Peach Tea vs Colourpop Note to Self ($5)- these two are pretty close. Note to Self might be slightly more orange. 
Peach Cobbler vs Makeup Geek Sidekick ($6)- Sidekick is slightly darker. 
Peach Tart vs Makeup Geek Cabin Fever ($6)- Cabin Fever is a good bit lighter than Peach Tart. Abh Fudge is a great dupe but it’s $12.

Peach Butter vs Colourpop Outta luck ($5)- Peach Butter is white with slightly pink undertones that aren’t especially noticeable on the skin. It’s another color that you probably own in 10 palettes. 
Just Peachy vs Inglot #361 ($7)- #361 is a little more pink and more pigmented. 
Peach Punch vs Inglot #366 ($7)- #366 is brighter
Just Ripe vs Looxi Beauty Heartbreaker ($4.50, with code BEAUTYCULT)- these two are nearly exact. 

Peaches and Cream vs Colourpop Issues ($5)- Peaches and Cream has a stronger orange undertone than Issues. Abh Orange Soda is another good dupe
Fresh Picked vs Coastal Scents Tuscany ($1.95)- Tuscany is a shade lighter but they have the same pink undertones
Peach Sangria vs Inglot #613 ($7)- #613 is a little more purple but I choose it because it’s finish is the same as Peach Sangria. 
Chocolate Dipped vs Makeup Geek Americano ($6)-  Americano is warmer. Chocolate Dipped is a more neutral toned dark brown. Mac Charcoal Brown is a close dupe.

I like the Just Peachy palette and I would recommend it, if you don’t own anything similar . But if you’re only interested in a few shades, hopefully this post gives you some ideas!

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    1. This was EXACTLY what I was looking for! I didn’t want to spend $40+ just for the two shades that I liked. Thank you so much for including pictures and side-by-side comparisons. Awesome article!


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