The following items were sent as press samples. We’re not otherwise affiliated with  the company. 

Last week I got a bunch of new stuff in the mail from F.A.I.R. BEAUTY!! A lot of it is new and the rest is older stuff that I didn’t have yet. These five eyeshadows are new. The come in 26mm magnetic pans but they’re square instead of round. The solid eyeshadows are very soft not powdery but more like loosely pressed. At least that’s how they feel to me. They’re super pigmented and a little bit goes a long way. Oh and we have a discount code for 12% off: BEAUTYCULT12. It’s not an affiliate code.
ATLAS NIGHT SKIES is a blackened teal. I think there’s a shade that’s at least somewhat similar in THE SAHARAN palette.

HADES’ HOUNDS is a deep satiny plum. Love this one!

PONTUS is a bright aqua with a hint of gold shimmer.

PLAYFUL PIXIES is a peachy pink similar to UD FIREBALL etc. This is pretty much my favorite color ever. 
NYMPH’S SECRET is a pinky lavender with gold shimmer.

These are all really pretty. My favorites are HADES’ HOUNDS, PLAYFUL PIXIES and NYMPH’S SECRET. But that’s just a personal preference because I’m scared of blues not because those three are superior in formula over the other two. 

Next set of shadows from F.A.I.R. BEAUTY!! These six are all marbled. They’re a bit more firmly packed than her regular shadows but they’re still pigmented, soft and beautiful. 

CETO is a deep blue and yellow gold that make a bright springy green.

LUNA is a bright purple with pink shimmer.

WISP’S REFLECTION is also pink and purple but it pulls a lot more pink and has a hint of green shimmer. 
ENCHANTED FOREST is a pale celery green.

TREASURE TROVE looks like it’s blue and white in the pan but there must be some gold hidden in there somewhere because when you mix it together, it’s a bright aqua with a hint of green and gold shimmer.

EROS is one of her new shades and probably my favorite of the bunch. It’s gold and white that combine to make a peachy champagne.

This part one of the highlighters that F.A.I.R sent me to swatch for you guys last week. These come in 38mm square pans. They’re $10 for the pan only or you can get them in compacts for $15. 

The top swatches are packed on with a shader brush and the lower ones are blended out. The first two are too dark for me to highlight with. I think they’d be more appropriate for the the high end of medium up to tan and deeper skin tones unless you’re very light handed. Which is great. There’s endless highlighter options for fair skin so I love when brands make an effort on cater to everyone. For me they’ll definitely be going into my eyeshadow rotation. 

Next set of highlighters! FAIRY’S WISH and SIREN’S SONG are very soft highlighters which I personally like. They apply really nicely with a soft brush and very gentle pressure. 

FAIRY’S WISH is a light copper with rosy undertones. SIREN’S SONG is an antique gold with hints of silver and green. 

CAPHEIRA is definitely my favorite of the four. It’s a yellowish gold and white but it’s got some duochrome qualities to it as well. It has subtle pink undertones and a more dramatic lime green shift that you can see pretty clearly in the lower pic. Normally I’m not a fan of yellow gold highlighters on myself but the combination of colors in CAPHEIRA works for me. I dig it.

And lastly ENCHANTRESS is a highlighter for fair skin. It’s a silvery platinum and it does have a sparkle to it which I know some of you like.

I don’t find it to be quite as smooth as the other three but it’s still really pretty. 


Last highlighter from F.A.I.R.!! And I saved the best for last because this one is definitely my favorite and I bet you guys are going to love it to! 

What I like most about this highlighter is how the pan is split down the middle. The marbled highlighters are more aesthetically pleasing but the way this one is divided allows you to have three distinct colors. One side is teal with a green shift and the other is a pinky lavender. Mixed together it’s blue with a pinky shift. Very similar to MUG MOON PHASE. 

This will be beautiful on the eyes as well as the cheekbones and it’s very reasonably priced at $10.  And the code BEAUTYCULT12 will save you 12%. Both Em and myself have reviewed other F.A.I.R. products in the past. Go to the bottom of the home page and select ‘F.A.I.R.’ in the ‘brands we’ve discussed’ drop box and all the related articles will pop up. Happy shopping guys!


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