Lit Cosmetics Intro! Discount code and swatches!

The following products were purchased but the code is affil.

Lit Cosmetics has been in the glitter biz for a while, having one of the largest stock of shifting glitters, with several different sizes and finishes.. as listed below:

Size #1 = Micro cut (.002 x .002) • Size #2 = Small Cut (.004 x .004)
Size #3 = Medium Cut (.008 x .008) • Size #4 = Large Cut (.015 x .015)

Holographic = Solid glitter that reflects all primary colors
Shimmer = Translucent glitter that reflects rainbow halo
Solid = Solid color with no multi-color reflection

The following were some glitters I got at IMATS NYC a few years ago, and Im warning you that we will be posting a crazy amount of these swatches soon so fasten your seatbelts cause its gonna get sparkly up in here.

My all time favorite: CALIFORNIA SOUL!

This is a shimmer in size #3, the sparkles are supposed to be one of the biggest but its still quite small with a coral base and peach, gold and teal shift.

HAWAII 5-0 size #3: is a periwinkle with teal, green and gold shift

CHAMPAGNE WISHES size #2: this is a champagne gold based micro glitter with shifting sparkles in violet, teal and gold. I have used this one quite a lot as its the most versatile in terms of shade.

You can find them at Beautylish as well, but our code BEAUTYCULT (AFFIL) will save you 20% at Lit Cosmetics!

Glitter up folk!!

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