Tom Ford Sheer Highlighting Duo – swatches, review and dupes

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Tom Ford and Chanel are my go to whenever I want to buy overtly expensive stuff for no reason other than to splurge and have cute stuff; and as firm believer in the “treat yourself” movement when the new Sheer Highlighter Duo – “Reflects Gilt” came out for preorder, I jumped the gun not even hesitating at the $78.00 tag.

It’s a highlighter, its got a pretty compact, I love the previous one (Moodlight) I must have it…

When I received the tiniest version of a highlighter Duo, I was shocked. This is not the first time I get bamboozled by Tom Ford: Last year I bought a lipstick at Sephora thinking it was full sized, at $36.00 and received a sample sized mini lippie that I kept as a reminder of always checking the content amount.

I don’t learn for SHHHTTT!

I always request items to be gift wrapped whenever its free, and I include a note “from me to Me” because I can, plus at $78.00 I might as well feel like Christmas. The Duo came wrapped in brown tissue paper with a faux wax seal with the TF pressed into it.


Lets get to biz: the Duo contains .1 oz/3g of product. Yup that’s it! and to compare it to previous compacts from TF I attached the below visual aid.

Feeling bamboozled yet?

Lets speak in ColourPop: each Super Shock highlighter has 4.2g/0.15oz and they are $8.00 sooo you are getting less product than a $8 product… for $70 more!.


The shades are gorgeous, the top part is a gold, not out of the ordinary and similar to many other golds out there (Looxi LaBelle, MUFE highlighting duos, WOG, Heatwave come to mind) I compared it to the Shes here to Stay side from the TOPAZ palette (ColourPop x Alexis Ren). The Main difference is that TF is slightly brighter and glittery, where the CP shade is more metallic. The TF gold shade itself is a bit too glittery for my taste which emphasizes my pores and makes me self conscious of them. You see pore, I see KING KONGPORE.

The lower part is a Rose Gold that is more subdued and possibly able to top on blushes if you are pale or as a plain smoky rose highlighter for everyone else. Dupe: ColourPop MIGHT BE has the same exact undertone but is actually brighter more metallic, has more shimmer. 


I really liked the lower part, it looks gorgeous on my skin tone and since I cannot return I’m going to wear it regardless. TF online only accepts unused items, so I cannot return them once swatched, worn, paraded around the house while stomping and bitching and randomly screaming at my unsuspecting husband on how tiny the compact is… etc.

Let me know in the comments if you purchased it or if you’re thinking about it!!! 




  1. All I can say is thank goodness for you because when I first saw this I was for sure I wanted it. But now, absolutely not. In your one pic you have another Tom Ford highlighter Duo I believe it’s part of his permanent collection. How do you feel about that? Worth it?
    Thanks for your help, honesty and saving me some money!


  2. There are certain companies I will never buy from and Tom Ford is one of them. They jack the prices because it comes in pretty packages. I’d rather get a good product in crappy packaging and save money.


  3. Sorry you’re disappointed! TF products are definitely steep for the amount you get. It’s still a guilty pleasure for me sometimes, lol. I think this compact is the same size as last summer’s Bicoastal Blush duo. Also, the Lips and Boys lipsticks may appear shockingly smaller than full-size, but that’s mostly packaging. The L&B size is 0.07 for $36 vs. .10 for $53, making the smaller lippie the better value actually.

    Thank you for posting those possible dupes! I also love the bottom color, but I can’t justify it for the $$$.


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