On March 1st, Too Faced will be releasing their newest palette called ‘PEANUT BUTTER AND HONEY’. It retails for $36 and has 9 eyeshadows, 3 large pans (2.0 g/ .07oz) and 6 small pans (.9 g/ .03oz) for a total weight of 11.4g/ .390z, which works out to $3.15 per gram. Okay let’s look at the swatches and talk about this shit!

I want to preface this review by saying that I am (or maybe was) a Too Faced fan. I’ve had many TF palettes back in the day that I LOVED but the last few have been awful. I thought the Sweet Peach palette was mediocre and the Nikkie Tutorials and White Chocolate Chip palettes were absolutely horrendous. And I’ve got to say, this one… it’s not much better. Sigh. The number one thing that’s annoying me about this palette is the highlight shades. It has these three big ass highlight shades that make up for more half of the palettes’ total weight and two out of the three were terrible. Plus who needs three huge highlight shades? No one! Do one big highlight pan and two big transition pans. If they had done that, I wouldn’t have hated this palette nearly as much. Rant over. Let’s go through this palette one row at a time, starting at the top!

CREAMED HONEY is a mostly matte cream with a few flecks of glitter. The formula is powdery and the pigmentation is poor.

PEANUT BUTTER is one of their signature shades. It’s been repeated in a number of their palettes and for good reason. It’s a beautiful orangey brown with nice color pay off and it flatters nearly every skin tone. 

GOING NUTS is deep brown metallic with a hint of bronze. It has pretty good pigmentation and the formula is more dense than the lighter shades but it was slightly patchy.  

BEE SWEET is a pale peach matte. As with CREAMED HONEY, the formula is very powdery. It has okay color pay off initially but no staying power whatsoever. The color began fading in the 10 minutes in took me to photograph the swatches. 

HONEY BRITTLE is a really pretty cantaloupe color but unfortunately the pigmentation just isn’t there. I had to build up this swatch quite a bit and it was the same when I used it on my eyes. I had to re-apply the color 3x  just for it to show up at all on my pale eye lids. I’d imagine it would be even more difficult for people with complexions darker than mine. 

BEE’S KNEES is matte reddish orange with gold glitter. There’s a nearly identical shade in the TARTE SWAMP QUEEN palette. The pigmentation on this color is pretty nice but the glitter ends up on your cheeks.

QUEEN BEE is a satiny ivory. Out of the three highlight shades, this one had the best pigmentation but again it was powdery. 
HONEY BUNS is a really interesting color. I don’t think that I own anything else exactly like it. I’m going to call it a honey mustard color. The color pay off isn’t great but it is buildable. I had to re-apply it several times on my eyes but eventually I was able to reach the level of intensity that I wanted. 

FEELIN’ NUTTY is a medium camel brown and the best shadow in the palette, in my opinion. 
So let’s recap… we’ve got two pretty nice shadows (PEANUT BUTTER, FEELIN’ NUTTY), four that are okay (HONEY BUNS, GOING NUTS, BEE’S KNEES, QUEEN BEE) and three that were poor (CREAMED HONEY, BEE SWEET, HONEY BRITTLE). I don’t think that you can afford to have that many flops in a 9 pan palette. Especially when there’s nothing spectacular to even out the scales.

 The palette smells good and the concept is cute but overall I’m disappointed in this palette and in Too Faced in general. This is the fourth palette in a row that I thought performed poorly. Unless they come out with something extremely innovative that really catches my eye, this will be the last Too Faced palette that I review. It was good while it lasted, Too Faced and I’ll always look back fondly on the good times (original chocolate bar, natural eyes, Vegas Nay) but we’re at different places in our lives and I can’t do this anymore. But I wish you the best and I hope that one day, we can be friends.


  1. Your review is very honest and to the point! I respect that you didn’t sugarcoat your experience. This is why I subscribe because I trust your opinion. The peach palette was poor quality in my opinion. The older palettes were so much better. I think Jared is too laxed since he sold his brand to Estee Lauder and didn’t care about innovations and quality when the last few palettes were released!


  2. Hahahah yep I gotta say I saw this breakup coming (as I’m sure you did too). Jared sold out and stopped caring a while ago, and now that he’s out of the picture I can’t see things getting better unless the brand wakes the fuck up and does a 180 overhaul. At this point Too Faced is for teenagers who have no clue what constitutes good makeup.


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