“Is This Real Life?” Super Shock Shadow Vault – Swatches and thoughts


The vault dropped today! 2018’s Cyber Monday and can be found HERE.  

This retails for a solid $99 and you get 25 brand new super shock shadow shades (each shade retails for $5 so you are saving $26), however the shadows are not available independently, time to use that afterpay function if you already Black Fridayed and Cyber Mondayed!

The packaging is a pink cardboard box with the “is this real life” letters written in holographic bold font and once you open each shadow has their own spot reserved on the vault with a reference drawing 

its like an advent calendar!!! each shadow spot has some quirky writing! 

The shades are a multitude of colourful hues, with tie dyes thrown in the mix along with the old school split pans. This is truly a collector’s item and tugs at the heartstrings of those of us that were here from the beginning. 

Each shade is particularly interesting which is why I refrained from swatching them altogether, I dont think they were meant as a cohesive collection to build looks with but moreso, a melange of shades reminiscent of old school colourpop (its been 4 and a half years people! thats older than my kid!).

If you are buying this to actually use, you will find that most shades are an ultra glitter version of an existing shade or at least a duochrome similar to something in the pressed powder selection. Its still cool to have as a collector but as someone who loves to use her makeup, I have to be honest with you that you prob have similar shades in your stash from the CP family. 

Lets dig in the shades shall we? 

MOON / SWOON:  split pan! Moon is a duochrome pink with teal in ULTRA GLITTER and Swoon is a Metallic hot magenta. 

CHASE THE LIGHT: TIE DYE shadow similar in pan to SUMMER LOVIN but with much more orange/yellow, see comparison above (Summer lovin is on top, much more rose gold). 


This is a golden bronze in an ULTRA GLITTER finish. 

MILLENNIUM:     *Not intended for use in the immediate eye area. This is a red with gold and orange specks

ABOVE THE CLOUDS:  A duochrome olive with teal specks. ULTRA METALLIC

ICE DREAM: ULTRA GLITTER in an iridescent violet and teal duochrome. 

FLOATING: a sheer ULTRA GLITTER in canary yellow with teal and violet shimmer. 

NIX / NOX: split! one is a pewter with pink and blue shimmers and the other is a metallic green. both are ULTRA GLITTER

DOZIN OFF : AHHH THE PRETTIEST! this tie DYE is pearl with purple and violet hues

  • SNOOZE an ultra glitter with a dark gray base and heavy purple shimmers
  • VOILA: another ULTRA GLITTER with a purple mauve base and teal and gold shimmer. 
  • LEFT ON THREAD: A pine green with teal and periwinkle shimmer. 
  • SLEEP TIGHT:      *Not intended for use in the immediate eye area. this one has a lip press pattern which I found super funny idk why.. its a hot pink!

  • MISS / BLISS: One is a light bronze the other is a gold olive green. 
  • THOUGHT BUBBLE: tie dye! its a brown with violet shimmer. 
  • ILLUSIONAL: ULTRA METALLIC sickening purple with dark blue tones. 
  • DAWN / FAWN:     *Not intended for use in the immediate eye area. One side is a bright gold, the other is a hot coral. I would def use this as a cheek combo!
  • TAKE ME HIGHER: tie dye with navy, foam green and silver
  • IN AXIS : like a goldier version of game face
  • DREAMLOVER: I dropped this and wrecked it!!! i can cry! what an amateurrr!!!! I halfassedly repressed this ULTRA GLITTER and Im just mad at myself, I think I even caught dog hair. ugh. I dont wanna talk about it, this was my favorite. 
  • SHOOK UP: bronze with silver sparkle
  • NOCTURNAL:    *Not intended for use in the immediate eye area. the prettiest violet!
  • SHY GUY: HOT CORAL! like if ANIMAL (the oldie SSS) grew up and got a job downtown trading stock but moonlights as a karaoke singer at nights and sometimes gets paid to spank people. I dont know what got into me… 
  • RESTMORE: ultra glitter in a royal blue hue with violet and teal shimmer. 
  • DAZE / FAZE: last but not least, a foam green with a bright bronze. 

Are you into them? let me know if you took the plunge!!! I did all these on my insta stories so check that out for video action!!. 


  1. *sob* I was there almost from the beginning …well, early 2015 but not bad for an international type …and it is definitely tugging on my heartstrings, as the SSS are my OG faves and pretty much all I wear and have worn on my eyes since back then! I have pretty much every single one ever created… up until I stopped buying. This set is made for me yet I haven’t been able to make an order since February, as I’m still fighting my disability. I just know that none of this (and the other lovely things I’ve wanted this year) will still be available if I ever can afford it again ūüė¶


  2. Holy heck, this looks delightful. A lot of people have been saying “oh they’re all ultra glitter” but hello! it’s a holiday release. I’m thinking how much I love and use the Dusk Til Dawn set from last year and I can’t wait to get my hands on these.
    A moment’s silence for Dreamlover though. ūüė¶


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