IPSY is a $10 a month beauty subscription service. Every month you receive 5 products and a makeup bag. For me it’s kinda hit or miss and this month… was a miss. Here’s what I got:

First the bag… it’s pink and fuzzy with gold detailing. Whatevs. I never do anything with the bags. 

PRIVAI AQUA GEL MASQUE ($13.60)- this is a weird gel mask that reminds of something you’d use after getting a bad sunburn. McMeh.

SMASHBOX INSTA-MATTE ($12)- this stuff turns any type of lipstick matte. I experimented with it while I was working on my review of the new MUG lippies and it works. It’s a pretty cool product. I can’t complain. 

MINTPEAR BEAUTY BLENDING SPONGE  ($20)- this might quite possibly be the world’s worst beauty blender. I’m in no way exaggerating when I tell you that it’s effing terrible. It’s hard and it doesn’t expand at all. It seems to physically repel water. 

I tried it twice and I’ll never use it again. Awful.

NYX PRISMATIC EYESHADOW in PUNK HEART  ($6)- this is pretty. I like these shadows and I didn’t have this one. Score.

AURORA INTENSIVELY PRECISE EYELINER in CINNAMON ($12, on sale for $8)- I really like the color but I wish it was a pencil liner instead of a liquid. 

Swatches of the liner and eyeshadow.

IPSY is $10 a month and this month’s value is around $63. I’ll use the eyeshadow and I’ll probably use the eyeliner and the SMASHBOX thingy. And I suppose there’s a possibility that I might use the mask. The bootleg beauty blender could make a useful doorstop or possibly a bookend. Or maybe a dog toy. You know me, always the optimist (insert sarcasm here). So all and all it was pretty shit month for me. But you win some, you lose some. Later this week I’ll be reviewing the December Sephora and Popsugar boxes as well as the SE winter Popsugar box and the Winter Beautycon box!


  1. This is a “technical support” kind of question/comment. For some reason I am unable to “like” this post.
    Initially, I was unable to do anything on the blog – sign up for email updates, “like” anything, comment, etc. But then I figured out that somewhere down the line, before I married my current (2nd) husband, I used an old yahoo email address for everything, even when I was married to my 1st husband many years ago. So it took some tinkering around for me to figure out that I had to add my current email to my blogger or WordPress account, even though I have never had a blog…???
    I’m also taken to the LOGIN page each and every time I want to comment, despite the fact that I have selected “stay logged in”….
    So, basically my question is this: Do you happen to know why this would be happening? And when I “like” a comment, is the star supposed to be blue or orange? I can’t tell & if I hit the “like” button again, I don’t want it to “un-like” it, so knowing what the color should be will be helpful to me 🤓
    My only real reason for wanting to fix this is so that you ladies know that you have another devoted follower who is liking your content. I want to be sure this shows because I know that sometimes the amount of “traffic” your blog gets can help determine your sponsorship (if that’s what it’s called) and affiliate programs and banners to be placed on the blog, IF that’s even how it works… I’m assuming it does.

    I really, really, really want this to be super great (which I already think it is) and profitable for the two of you.

    *so, if it doesn’t appear that I’ve “liked” a post that I’ve commented on, just know that I do 😊 *You two are the coolest babes on Instagram and I’m always in your corner!*


  2. I used to have all the beauty script boxes. Used to love ipsy, but being as that I am 54, they ASS-ume I am a wrinkled old hag witch & only send anti wrinkle creams & anti aging shit. I thought I may LIE, about my age, but seeing as they already had my identification, I figured they’d find me out. I saved the makeup bags + shipping bags for outgoing gifts or cosmetics I sold on Mercari/FB/IG etc. Perfect for sending out- what it was made for! 😍🤣 I adore how u describe recycling the useless sponge.


    • Ha! I like when I get hag products. Give me ALL the wrinkle cream! And I do the same. I went through a stage where I sold a bunch of makeup that I never used and I always included an ipsy bag and samples but alas I’m lazy. So now I just pawn stuff off on friends and family


    • I wonder, just maybe, if those dupe sponges would work as Mr. Clean dupes?? Haha!! Wouldn’t that be awesome?? Except that they would most likely leave color behind…. hmmm. I might try it next time I find one rolling around. I have cats and oftentimes I’ll find a makeup brush or lipgloss, eyeliner pencil… something, in a place where I know darn well I didn’t put it there, or even close to where I found it. They’re naught, nosey and curious, but they’re my kids so I have to give them some leeway since I am essentially spending a “real child’s” college tuition and other living expenses on makeup 😉


  3. I agree, this month you got a dud, more or less. But I love the makeup bag!! Not sure if I told you this before, but I’m a tote bag, makeup bag, lunch tote, whatever… hoarder LMAO!!One of the main reasons I joined ipsy was for the damn bags each month, but then they were even getting kina cheesy and super tiny. Anyway, if ya wanna ditch your ipsy bags. I’ll send you my address & a check to cover shipping and take them off your pretty little hands 😉 I also agree with you about the beauty blender dupe efforts. They’re downright silly, most of them. I’ve had a few decent ones, but always go back to the original. Thanks for the post. I’m looking forward to seeing you what you got in your next month’s boxes…. since I cancelled all of my subscription boxes, I have to live vicariously through you!! 😘


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