A few times a year POPSUGAR comes out with a limited edition box. They’re $100 and they usually have well over $300 of products. I waited until all the spoilers were released before deciding to buy this one. Here’s what I got…

PEHR CHARCOAL MUSKOKA THROW ($136)- full disclosure… this is the whole reason I bought this box. I love this damn blanket. I’m snuggling with it as I type this. I have no idea why it costs $136. It’s made from cotton not the feathers of endangered eagles but it’s warm and cozy and I love it. 

THE CAMBRIDGE SATCHEL COMPANY ‘TINY SATCHEL’ ($95)- this is a cute little leather bag. But it’s way to small for me. Looks like my mother in law will be getting a new purse for Christmas. 

It has an adjustable leather strap and comes with a dust bag. 

LOUIS SHERRY 6 PIECE CAMELLIA PINK TRUFFLE COLLECTION  ($22.50)- Some fancy ass chocolates in a fancy pink tin.

I’m also eating these as I write. They’re pretty delicious. Definitely not worth $20+ though. But I like the tin a lot. Something else will be living in it soon.  

SIMPATICO HOME SNOW HOBNAIL DIFFUSER KIT  ($48)- I’m giving this to my husband’s grandmother. Since it’s a gift I wasn’t able to smell it. But for damn near $50, I have to believe it smells incredible.

R+CO TINSEL SMOOTHING OIL  ($24)- this is a hair oil to smooth frizz and fly aways. I love stuff like this and smells amazing. 

CARGO COSMETICS AROUND THE WORLD EYESHADOW PALETTE  ($34)- this is a cute neutral eyeshadow palette. But since I have approximately 2379 eyeshadows palettes, I’m going to gift this one to somebody. Not sure who yet. I really think that putting up with me is worth while because my friends are constantly receiving my piles of cast offs. All you have to do is deal with my constantly bitching and moaning for a few months and eventually you’ll get free eyeshadow palettes!
As I mentioned the special edition boxes are $100 and the value of this month’s box is around $360. I love the blanket and hair stuff and I have two less gifts to buy because of the satchel and diffuser. I’m eating the chocolate and I’m already plotting how I’m going to re-purpose the tin. And I’m sure someone will give the palette a good home. It was $100 well spent for me. I’m not sure whether or not this box is still available but the next special edition box is the ‘resort’ box which usually goes on sale in February! Still to come this month Sephora play, the December Popsugar box and the Winter Beautycon box!

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