Dr Brandt Flash Recovery Oxygen  Facial

It’s Saturday morning and w no work responsibilities I dedicate Dragonia’s morning nap to my skin. I usually do a mask and do my nails or read gossip magazines. yeah ok I’m a new parent: I’m prob going to be cleaning or doing laundry or boring adult stuff BUT ILL BE DAMNED IF I MISS OUT ON MASK TIME! During the past month I’ve been testing @drbrandt  Flash Recovery Oxygen Mask which I received #freewithoctoly. For the newbie @octoly is a platform for bloggers where if you have an established following you can apply to get products and review them. However my opinions remain my own cause I still have a conscience.

The good: it’s quick, it takes about 5 min which is great since i would like to do other things with my life. Upon application it doesn’t burn or sting which means my sensitive skin accepts it, it immediately starts foaming up with a tingle and after a few minutes, it settles into the skin but you do have to wash it off. I feel it energizes my skin, it almost feels like its been woken up and it has a mild exfoliating function. 
The not so good: its costly, its $70 for 1.4 oz which in my book is normal for skincare but more and more brands are releasing products at a lower price point that do the same thing

The mcMeh: it is not life changing. its been 20 days since i have been testing this and i don’t feel my skin completely overhauled, which is ok; I have learned with skin (and sensitive skin at that), the process is slow and it should be) anything claiming to completely change your skin overnight is probably abrasive, i am going to give this a few more weeks but i will probably end up passing it onto my mother or my bffs to try, after all: things could very well work extremely well on them too.

to keep in mind: products are not a miracle item, they shouldn’t claim to be- your skin should not ever only depend on one item, which is why i always speak of a skincare regimen, its how you cleanse, tone, mask, how you exfoliate, moisturize, the things you drink and eat.. and not everyone will have the same reaction. This is still my opinion and you may have found this to be your HG; but if it was me I would hold my coins.




  1. I always like a good HONEST skincare product review, so thank you for that!! I also appreciate the fact that you mention that good skin care doesn’t give immediate results. So many people want to go back 10+ years overnight and the only way to do that is with a cosmetic surgeon’s help, anesthesia and down-time. I’m really loving the blog that you two have here and I’m looking forward to more!!
    Congrats on the bambino 🍼


      • Oops!! Sorry about that 😇
        And, yes… I love your blog!! I had a very hard time trying to “like” and “comment” for a couple of months because it kept saying my email address was invalid, or some craziness like that. So I did some research and found out that in another life I had a “blogger” email that I don’t use anymore since I got married, etc… but it’s good now… yaaayyy!!!! Between you & Angela, I now own more makeup than any reasonable person should – who doesn’t use it in their professional life or even wear it everyday lol. I used to wear it every day when I worked, but now it’s just so I look cute for one of my doctors or a get together or I’m bored. Sad, I know… have a great day!!


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