Tata Harper Honey Blossom Mask – mishap 

I purchased @tataharper Honey Blossom mask for the main reason as that it was recommended for sensitive skin on the @Sephora website and it was a limited edition version of their resurfacing mask, a milder version of a peel and given Tata’s fame of nontoxic skincare mixed with the 20% of ROUGE sale at Sephora, Also she is Colombian like me so I figured I would support a fellow Latina. I have struggled with sensitive skin for years and I have found solace in several organic natural brands which I have reviewed in the past and will continue to update as I tweak my regime to find the ultimate goal of glowy skin, as of late and during winter I have some texture and need some sort of peel that is mild enough for my delicate flower of skin (you know Ang already called me that.. lol). I initially contacted Tata’s Social media to ask for recommendations on this mask on my type of skin but I did not get an answer (I should’ve emailed customer service) Anyway, and to not extend this unnecessarily, after 5 min it went from slight tingle to all out BURN. I removed the mask immediately and contacted Sephora and was give 300 points for my troubles. I asked that the website be corrected since it clearly states that it is good for sensitive skin, the mask is sold out now but it still is available as a set with 2 other masks. You can see in the top left picture how red it got and the lower picture was 2 days after when the burn hyper pigmented.. I cannot speak w the other products, but this is what happened to ME, so if you have sensitive skin: please thread lightly, please research further than one source before trying things directly on your face. I take responsibility on not checking multiple sources, as in Tata’s website you can read its not recommended for hypersensitive skin (I try not to read reviews from the sellers themselves but I did not find a single negative review on this after searching further). I reached out to Tata’s team after and they asked for me to mail the product so they could research further but I have returned the item to Sephora as of last night. I did provide the batch number since only 1500 were made, and they are researching it. 
Have you had a skincare mishap?



ColourPop CULT Headmistress 


  1. I have had issues with almost all Tata Harper products and I believe I may have a sensitivity to essential oils / fragrance. The worst offender for me was probably the very expensive elixir vitae. I also had the oil cleanser, refreshing cleanser, eye mask and one or two other items. Ultimately, my Tata Harper skincare routine left me with severely dehydrated skin that started peeling off. I have acne prone skin anyway, but I started getting large pustules and blackheads all over. It is safe to say, that the Harper products were responsible as I did not use anything else at the time and my skin was fine before. Once I started researching this – because of course you wonder am I the only one? – I found quite a few negative customer reviews and / or critical reviews of these products. However, this skincare line is heavily endorsed and marketed. It is not easy to come by a balanced review.


  2. Oh My!!! I hope your skin is on the mend without any discoloration in the long run! I’m so sorry that happened to you!! I’m like you and have the “delicate flower” type skin lol and so I stay away from masks that have even a hint of exfoliation to give you that “glow”! More like will give that “fire face” instead! Lol! For super sensitive skin I really think we need to stay far away from those types of masks and go for more of a gentle every other day exfoliation than a blast from a mask no matter how gentle they say. I looked at the ingredient list for that lovely mask and “Willow Bark Extract” is the third ingredient which is natural Salicylic Acid which is an exfoliant. So I can see why your skin reacted, despite the soothing ingredients. Ouch! I really like using Facial Radiance Pads by First Aid Beauty as they will give you the skin clarity that you need but is SO gentle (their brand generally formulates for sensitive, reactive skin types), has no scent and uses glycolic and lactic acid in a 5% glycolic load. AND it’s chock full of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant ingredients to soothe and heal. I can use these every second or third day without any problems (I just choose to use it this way though they say you can use it every day like a toner) I only need to use 1/4 or 1/2 a pad for my whole face, waste not want not! lol! and it’s SO effective AND gentle. And if I slack off and I start getting a pimple of two I whip out a 1/4 or 1/2 pad in the morning and put it all over my face and those pimples heal up in a DAY or 2 DAYS WITHOUG scarring which is MIRACULOUS for me (the speed and the non scarring and I get those ugly brown scars, ugh!). And it keeps my skin clear, smooth (no texture) and my pores are much reduced!! I KNOW I sound like a commercial only because they work for my highly sensitive skin and I want to shout it from the rooftops. I just feel for us sensitive types that a very gentle daily/every other day approach is a much safer and I even feel a more effective approach to get the same if not better results that your looking for. I even did a detailed but fun lol video on it because I wanted more to know how much I love these amazing holy grail pads (Youtube: FitChickGlows). Heal up fast and I hope you do find something that works more gently and safely for you.


    • Thank you so much for the suggestion! I’m going to check them out I think I had a sample at some point and they didn’t burn but they weren’t enough for me to see any drastic change but slow* results are the key for us sensitive types! And I’ll check out your vid ! Ty!!


  3. Omg!!! Do you think you might be allergic to something in the mask maybe?? I have tried her resurfacing mask and I didn’t feel like it did anything. Too mild! Lol. But I don’t have VERY sensitive skin.


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