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 So I’ve been really busy lately and I’ve got a lot of products to share with you guys. I always try to use whatever it is before posting swatches but unfortunately I haven’t gotten a chance to use these highlighters yet. But since they’re LE I didn’t want to wait any longer and have them sell out. 

Okay so what we’re looking at here is three highlighters, two of which are Harry Potter themed and a third that’s Halloween inspired. The Harry Potter ones are both pink and gold. PETRIFICUS TOTALUS is mostly gold with pink accents (top finger swatch) EXPECTO PATRONUM is mostly pink with gold accents (bottom finger swatch). They’re available as a set ($28- 44m pans only, $32- 44mm compacts) or individually ($15- 44mm pan only, $17- 44mm compact). 

WITCHFUL THINKING has a spider web design and a mixture of teal, peach and lavender. When applied it’s a pastel bluish lavender with a hint of pink. The one is also only available in 44mm ($15-pan only, $17 compact). I’m digging WITCHFUL THINKING. I love the color combo in the pan and also how they look mixed together. 

Top swatches are done with a flat brush and then I blended them out for the lower pic. I love how the light is catching the glitter!

SKIN HIGHLIGHTER COLLECTION (37mm pans- $8, 44mm pans- $11, 44mm compacts- $13) 

As I think I mentioned, @touchofglambeauty sent over a ton of new products recently and I’ve only showed you guys about half of it. We just looked at her Halloween highlighters and I reviewed her tie dye highlighter collection and her duochrome eyeshadows (bomb!) a few weeks ago. Now we’re looking at her most affordable highlighters and after that her ‘Color Me Sparkle’ collection and a handful of highlighters that I’m going to call novelty for lack of better word (a Christmas highlighter, a cute cupcake highlighter etc). 

Okay so now we’re up to speed here! All four of these highlighters have gold shimmer. Actually I’m pretty sure they all have gold shimmer and gold microglitter (something to be aware of. I know glitter isn’t everyone’s cup of tea). Their texture is soft and while I wouldn’t say that they’re powdery, you’ll want to be careful to be light handed because it would be easy to pick up too much product. ***UPDATE- Since sending me this collection, she’s reformulated these highlighters and they’re now less glittery***

LOVE AFFAIR has a tan base with heavy gold shimmer. PEACH PASSION is a peachy gold.  

PERFECT STORM is a pink gold and WHITE LIES is a white gold. LOVE AFFAIR is a little dark for me to use as a highlighter (it’s a bomb eyeshadow color for us pale girls) but I like the other three shades. 

My favorite is PEACH PASSION!

TOUCH OF GLAM BEAUTY ‘COLOR ME SPARKLE’ COLLECTION (37MM PAN- $14 or $62 the collection, 37MM COMPACT- $16 or $72 for the collection)

Next collection! These are 37mm pans that you can buy with or without a compact. There’s also an option to buy the whole collection for a reduced price. And we’ve got a non-affiliate discount code: OURBEAUTYCULT15 that will save you 15%. As the name suggests this collection is sparkly! These are def her most glittery highlighters.

 SMOKIN HOT is medium yellow gold with gold glitter. The glitter is less apparent in this one because it’s similar color to the base. KISS AND TELL is a light pinky lavender with gold glitter. Since the glitter is contrasting color it looks intensely glittery on the skin. FIRST DATE is bright blue based pink with matching glitter. EXOTIC is a pale peachy gold with pink undertones and gold glitter. ARABIAN NIGHTS has a white base with bright yellow gold reflects and gold glitter. It also has a bit of green shift. 

These have an extremely finely milled texture and intense pigmentation. They aren’t your Tuesday afternoon highlighters. They’re your going out, Saturday night, NYE, clubbing highlighters. They’re probably too glittery for me to use as highlighters but if I was 21, I’d be all about them. That being said, I still rock glitter on my eyes all time and I don’t have any plans of stopping.

 FIRST DATE is basically my dream eyeshadow. I’m dying to put a deep burgundy all over my lid and then press FIRST DATE right in the middle. Actually all of these colors would bomb layered over a deeper lid shade or as a lip topper. I’m definitely going to experiment with different ways to use them.

And with this last set, I’m wrapping up my TOG review!

CRAVING comes in a 44mm pan or compact ($13, $15). It has a pink and white gold swirl pattern and a subtle cotton candy scent. All mixed together it’s light shimmery pink.

WHIPPED comes in a 58mm pan or compact ($16, $18). It’s equal parts pink and gold with a cute cupcake stamp. This one is also scented but it’s subtle. Just a hint of vanilla. When you mix the pink and gold together, you get a pale white gold. This one will be best for fair to medium skin tones. 

PIE IN THE SKY is my favorite of the three. It’s available in two sizes, with or without a compact ($14- $20). It’s warm, medium gold.

Out of the highlighters in this post, my favorites are PEACH PASSION, KISS AND TELL, FIRST DATE, EXOTIC and PIE IN THE SKY. I think the Halloween collection is really cute especially if you’re a Harry Potter fan. Same with the cupcake and candy cane swirl ones. Out of those six the one that I see myself wearing the most is PIE IN THE SKY because I love the sparkly gold color. Also the SKIN HIGHLIGHTER COLLECTION is nice because it’s affordable and the colors are universally flattering. PEACH PASSION is the one I gravitate to most as far as color. The COLOR ME SPARKLE collection is really beautiful. All five colors have a bit of a duochrome shift and although they’re too glittery for me to use as face highlighters, I’ve been loving them as inner corner highlights. But out of all the TOG products that I’ve reviewed in the past month or two, my top recommendation is the duochrome eyeshadow palette. Both Em and myself posted swatches previously that you can find by clicking on the ‘TOUCH OF GLAM’ tag at the bottom of this article 

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