Natasha Denona Blushes – Swatches, reviews, possibly the longest blog post ever.


ok, this post has been a long time coming and I feel if I was to tell you about some $38 blush (or 10 for that matter) the least I could do was use them, play with them, get a feel of things.. being that there is some cheaper alternatives out there..
First things first: I purchased these with my own funds, way before having any relationship with Beautylish. yes, if you do purchase through our link Here, we do get a small commission, so Ang and I thank you in advance if you do; it’ll keep us from selling our kidneys in the name of makeup research.

These are NOT available at Sephora although her line is there for the most part, which is why it urged me to do this post. There are 19 duos in total, but homegirl isn’t balling like that; I purchased 10 and I did so when there weren’t any swatches online which was a gamble, but I feel most of them were a hit (with a few misses allocating to shade not matching my personal skin tone.. amongst other things well discuss).

These compacts consist of the marriage of a classic blush with a lighter shade to soften the edges and blend your blush, the lighter shade can be used as a highlighter than enhances with a slight sheen – this is not a glittery/super shimmery highlighter and its meant more as a coordinating shade – a chaser of sorts.

The compact is a sturdy white compact with a transparent cover in pink where the name Natasha Denona BLUSH is emblazoned. It contains 7 g of product per each shade which is 14g in total for both shades; they are made in Italy and are paraben free and cruelty free.  Since I come from the school of Angela of comparing things and in the interest of making a thorough presentation: a MAC blush has 6g of product and retails for $23, Nars duo blushes are $42 for 10.5g.. so these fall right in between in price but have almost as double product.


To the swatches now! before I lose ya… and im posting them in order of shade from lightest to darkest toned.

Blush Duo 03: Renee’s Pastel Pink/ Antique Nude:

This was the lightest one, very cool toned contour powder with a light pink. This was the one shade i think would be too light as my skintone is a medium tone (NC30 in MAC, Medium in It Cosmetics CC cream.. you get the point).


Blush 19: Toutou/Strawberry Cheeks:

Toutou is light champagne peach shade, its gorgeous and great to pair with everything, my complain: THEY DID! they paired it with most duos which can make people skip on other duos because who wants 2-3-5 of the same? the blush shade here is a mid tone rose and a sure everyday effortless staple.

 Blush duo 09: Toutou/ Matte Peachy Nude

hi toutou! we meet again, read above. Matte Peachy Nude is probably one of  my favorites, its very natural shade of flushed cheeks without it being pink (i have red undertones, i naturally flush pink).


Blush duo 15: Toutou/Sheer Nude

See what I said about toutou? I mean to its defense it does pair with everything – it’s an universal shade and paired with Sheer Nude (the blush part of the duo) its divine on those with medium complexions. This one is a satiny finish with very soft particles that bring on luminescence to the face.


Blush 10: Toutou/Sheer Peachy Nude

lets not even discuss Toutou. SPN is a delicious shade of peach, satin finish but with more shimmer particles as the others previously discussed, its buildable and pigmented enough to migrate itself to the medium-tan-dark skintone category. its reminiscent of Nars Orgasm when swatched even as it doesnt look so in the pan. Orgasm is more peachy, has more obvious gold shimmer particles


Blush 7: Toutou/ Neutral Beige

Toutou. … 

Neutral Beige is such a underestimated shade. Pretty pinks and peaches are beautiful shades to put on your face but this a nude type of shade, on pale girls this can be a contour shade but on medium to tan this will enhance your cheeks softly with a neutral shade so you are free to go wild on your eye makeup or rock that bold lip youve been irking to do (fall! yay!).. like a blister in the sunnnnnn – I need to download that song now.


Blush duo 17: Toutou/Fresh tan

duuuuude youre killing me with Toutou.

Fresh Tan is a light rosy terracota, its matte, its buildable so darker beauties can pair this with their pretty melanin just as well as the pale pretties and us medium skintones can do a natural wash of color or even use it on the eyes (i am not sure if they’re eye safe, I’ve done it and haven’t died) and lie to our friends that we were indeed invited to the tarte trip to bora bora and yes indeed my tan says so. 


Blush Duo 13: Toutou/Golden Caribbean Coral

Death by toutou.. just embrace it and move on.

Golden Caribbean Coral is hands down the prettiest brightest coral shade, a lot pink and gold shimmers, suuuper pigmented so thread lightly dont go ham: pat your brush to let the excess fall off or were looking at a possible clown situation and we know there is a clown edidemic going on and people fighting back, i heard of a batman clad guy fighting clowns in the woods… just do me a favor and blend this well cause its gonna be a bright sight// a beautiful one if executed correctly. Layer too much: bam! bozo. pretty bozo tho.


Blush Duo 12: Toutou/Warm Golden Berry

Toutou is that friend that is in every damn party, once he/she is there they do have fun with you, tell the best jokes, asks your cranky friend to dance and ups her spirit which in turns makes you happy and go home and say: man that toutou sure is everywhere but fk it, i like him/her.. but it doesnt stop you from rolling your eyes at the begining when you see him/her show up at the party.. like: this dude again!?

WGB is as its name indicates: a warm berry with golden specks, the specks arent so strong so youre not leaving the batcave blinding the villains, but it is a satiny – frosty finish. This was made for melanin as a canvas – imagine this over chocolate skin. Yas.. it just is..


Blush Duo 06: Sheer nude / Plum

No toutou! did you miss it tho? Sheer nude can be used on its own as a blush and plum as a contour blush for lighter skins while darker ladies/boys can use the lighter shade to blend out the plum. its a rich plum that falls in between a cool tone/warm tone – its a satin but it doesnt have a lot of shimmer – it applies as a matte really although you can see shimmer in the pan.



Pros: pigmentation, blendability, a lot of product in this pan and the possibility of a highliter (depending on your highliter expectations) included, sturdiness of the compact, powder itself is soft, texture is amazing and it lasts on your face.

Con: only available online, toutou is everywhere.


phew i have no words left. .. i literally dont. i know these are a long list and i dont recommend you buy most of them but a neutral and a pop of color blush should always be in your blush wardrobe! this coming from one of the biggest blush hoarders ever to exist!!

if you do use this link – we do get a small percentage commission but this doesn’t impact my thoughts or review..










  1. Hi, great post!
    Do these have a a strong scent when you put your nose up to the pans? Do they smell like anything?
    There are a lot of counterfeits running around of these blush duos, which surprises me! Anyway you could do a post, or edit this post, to include the back sticker on the palettes themselves and the front, back, sides, and inside box flap color on any packaging if you still have it?
    This post helped me find my favorite blush: Renee’s Pastel Pink and of course Toutou!!
    Thank you,


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