TouchOfGlam Beauty duochrome eyeshadow palette 

 TouchOfGlamBeauty has two, 15 pan eyeshadow palettes, one with duochrome shadows and another with foiled shadows. Today we’re looking at the duochrome palette which retails for $55. However we do have a non-affiliate discount code: OURBEAUTYCULT15 which will save you an additional 15%! These shadows are also sold individually for $8 each. But I’d honestly recommend getting the palette. When you factor in the discount, the shadows work out to be around $3 each plus you get the palette. You really can’t beat that!

Alright so let’s talk about these shadows! I think it goes without saying that they’re absolutely gorgeous… and the formula is quite unique. They have the feeling of a loosely pressed pigment. This texture really emphasizes their duochrome effect. For whatever reason the shift is always more dramatic in duochrome pigments as compared to pressed shadows. These give you the best of both worlds, the drama of a pigment and the convenience of pressed shadow. They are a little messy so you’ll either want to do your eyes first or use them wet to prevent fallout. They’re also very glittery, which I love but if you’re not into glitter then their foiled palette might be a better match for you.

DIVA is an antique gold with pink glitter

MUSE is a light green that shifts from a cool toned almost seafoam green to a warm grass green with gold shimmer.

LEPRECHAUN is a light blue green that can look like either color depending on the light and angle.

MISTLETOE is a light greenish gold with a strong blue shift. 

ON FLEEK is white with a strong gold and more subtle green and blue shift. 

BOSS LADY is a deep burgundy with a purple shift.

FANTASY is pale lavender with a green shift 

TEMPTRESS is a medium bubblegum pink with blue glitter 

ALOHA is a pale peachy pink that shifts to a more cool toned pink.

DANDELION is a pale gold with pink glitter 

PARIS NIGHTS is a dark grayish blue with multicolored glitter

BEWITCHED is a navy blue, also with multi-colored glitter 

YOUR MAJESTY is a medium blue with a purple shift 

ENCHANTRESS is a medium blue with green glitter 

LOVECHILD is a teal blue with gold glitter. It’s similar to MAC STEEL BLUE 

My favorites are MUSE, LEPRECHAUN, MISTLETOE, ON FLEEK, BOSS LADY, ALOHA and DANDELION. Next we’ll be looking at her KALEIDOSCOPE TIE DYE highlighter collection 

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