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Back to the STROBE review! Before I do a bunch of swatches, I’ll get all the eyeshadows (or highlighters, whatever) out in front of me so I can figure out how to group them for swatches. When I put this group together, I was inspired by the color scheme of the ‘EyesCream’  palette. I wanted to do a STROBE version of those sherbert type colors. I don’t know why I’m telling you this. It’s not really relevant information. Moving on!
I’d consider most (all?) of these to have a metallic finish. They all have a bit of sheen of to them but not a lot of obvious glitter, which I find makes bright colors like these a little more wearable. I know a lot of people are intimidated by neons and bright colors but if you only use one at a time and pair it with neutrals, it’s less scary. The texture of all of these shadows is pretty dense but you can still easily apply them with a brush.
HER MAJESTY is deep cool toned purple similar to URBAN from the ELECTRIC PALETTE.
SHANGRI-LA is greenish gold that reminds me of UD SIDELINE or MUG KARMA.
MELODY is a metallic aqua.
CANDY DROP is one of my favorites. It’s a bright magenta leaning more towards pink than purple.
LUSTROUS LILY is another fav. It’s a light orange that’s bright without being neon. 

TRASH TALK is a bright grass green.

And there you have it, part 3 of my STROBE series. I still have 18 more eyeshadows and 6 glitters to share with you guys over the weekend and next week. Happy Friday ya’ll!

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