As you all know, COLOURPOP re- released some of their TIE DYE SHADOWS. I know they initially sold in about 2 seconds and then they restocked a day or two later. I’m not sure how long it took them to sell out the 2nd time but I’m pretty sure that they’re all gone now. My MEOW and SUMMER LOVIN are old and I just bought the other two. I had POP ROCKS back in the day too but I don’t know what happened to it.
If you’re careful with these, you can apply several different colors. Like MERMAID KISS, for example, you could get a distinct blue, yellow or green color application. But I always apply these guys with my fingers so I end up swirling them all together. If you weren’t able to get these, there are similar shades in CP’S permanent line up. SUMMER LOVIN for instance is very similar to SEQUIN. Or you could mix 2 together to get a similar shade (DANCE PARTY + COCONUT= POP ROCKS?). Also I’ve seen lots of girls gather a bunch of old of CP products and Frankenstein them into custom made tie dyes. I’m not that crafty.
I like that they’re bringing back old shades though. My favorite discontinued CP shadows are AMIRA and LECTRA (MEGAN NAIX QUAD), TOO SOON (REBOUND QUAD?), KINDNESS (CBWD QUAD), the entire MONDAY’S IN MALIBU set and 2 colors from a holiday set from 2014, a purple called DASHER and white/lavender duochrome that I think was called SUGAR PLUM. Only my COLOURPOP OG’S will remember that set. 

All 4 of these are pretty, actually I should say 3, I’ve got no idea why I bought MERMAID KISS because I’ll never use it. But that’s neither here nor there. What I was trying to say is that while the concept is cute and they’re pretty colors, they aren’t anything you can’t live without. IMO at least.
What do you guys think of TIE DYES? Did you get any? Will you make your own??

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