Well guys… it’s been real but I think it’s time that BOXYCHARM and I went our separate ways. This month’s box was yet again filled with items that are mostly useless to me. Here’s what I got…

❤COASTAL SCENTS BLUSH AND BRONZER PALETTE PLUS MINI ANGLED BRUSH ($19.95)- I’m not knocking COASTAL SCENTS. I think their products are pretty good especially considering the price. For someone who’s younger or just getting into makeup, it’s great. But for someone like me with literally hundreds of blushes and bronzers and brushes this is just not something I’m going to use.

❤ALOETTE TIME REPAIR SERUM ($48)- eh. While I’m open to trying new things, there’s only so much enthusiasm I can muster for yet another subscription box serum from an unknown brand. If it were from LANCER or KATE SOMERVILLE, I’d probably be excited af. Snobby? Yes. Stupid? Maybe. But it is what it is.

❤DIRTY LITTLE SECRET LIQUID LIPSTICK IN PHANTOM ($10)- bleh. I’ll never use this and the Minnie mouse packaging feels very teen. But at least the retail price is only $10 instead of $30 or something equally absurd.

❤DOUCCE COSMETICS MASCARA ($22)- I can’t complain about mascara. I’ve tried it and it’s pretty good and I’ll use it. But I wouldn’t repurchase it for $22.

❤BEAUTY FOR REAL SHADOW STIX IN EVER STARSTRUCK ($19)- I feel the same about this as I did the mascara. It’s a pretty champagne color and I’ll use it but it’s not going to inspire me to write sonnets 

BOXYCHARM is $21 a month and this month’s value is almost $120. This sounds great in theory but in reality I’ll only use 2 of the items and the rest will collect dust. I’m thinking my $20 would be better spent on one item that I’m excited about. I don’t know… what do ya’ll think? Should I cancel? At this point I’m pretty much only keeping it because I like writing snarky reviews and complaining. I suck at making decisions… 

*****UPDATE- I’ve officially cancelled BOXYCHARM*****

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