ColourPop’s new highliters in FLEXITARIAN, CANDYMAN, DO NOT DISTURB and MIGHT BE 

First set of swatches from the new #colourpopcosmetics highliters dropping TOMORROW 8/18! FLEXITARIAN is a very light white gold or it’s a warm toned silver? The fu!? I’m confused but it’s pretty and reminds me a bit of HIGH TIDE but not glittery, more like a nice metallic sheen. CANDYMAN is a copper gold shade that can def be sheered out for the lighter skinned crew but that tan/olive/dark is gonna eat up like Halloween candy. Yes. Pun. Move along. MOVE ALONG is a rose gold, again this one can be sheered as a blush topper or intensified since it layers super bomb. DO NOT DISTURB is a bronze and less flashy than the others, more subdued highliter but still packing a punch.

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