The Beauty Arsenal ‘MOONLIGHT’ ($20 compact, $10 pan, use the code TANNER3 to save $3)- The Beauty Arsenal has the most creamy highlighters that I’ve ever tried. And the pans have hand stamped designs that are so intricate and beautiful that using them the first time will cause you physical pain. MOONLIGHT is a white and icy blue marble. I’ve swatched these heavily so that you can clearly the color but applied regularly, this is a gorgeous pearl color with just hint of blue.

Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘PURPLE HORSESHOE’ ($40, Moonchild palette)- I don’t own another highlighter like this one. It’s a bluish purple with some silver glitter. It’s a similar color to MAKEUP GEEK BLACKLIGHT. It’s not a color that I would typically associate with a highlighter and for myself personally, I’d probably only use it as an eyeshadow.

Looxi Beauty ‘EVER AFTER’ ($7.50 for the pan, $15 for the compact, use the code TANNER20 to save 20%)- EVER AFTER has a slightly deeper base than your typical highlighter making it ideal for darker skin tones. I’d describe it as a dark ivory with lavender reflects. I find it to be a little more wearable than some of the others seen here.

Devinah Cosmetics ‘OPAL’ ($12- $20, use the code TANNER35 to save 35%)– highlighters from DEVINAH are only sold in pan form currently. She has an enormous product line and sells all of her highlighters in multiple sizes, ranging from what you’d associate with a large eyeshadow (ig. Sugarpill) for $12 all the way up to a gigantic $20 pan. I’d somehow forgotten how incredible OPAL is. It’s pink, lavender, blue, gray and pearl all wrapped into one. Again the base is slightly deeper than the typical white highlighter so it will work best for medium or darker skin tones. Same as with PURPLE HORSESHOE, OPAL is a little too dramatic for myself to use as a highlighter but I have every intention of bathing my eyelids with it asap! 

Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘BLUE ICE’ ($40, Moonchild palette)- BLUE ICE has a white base with blue reflects and pink and silver glitter. It’s similar to MOONLIGHT and SNAP from this group. 

The Beauty Arsenal ‘SPACE BARBIE’ ($20 compact, $10 pan)- SPACE BARBIE has the same cream to powder finish as MOONLIGHT. It’s a pink and lavender duochrome. I don’t have another highlighter like this one but I do have some similar eyeshadows and pigments. The first two that come to mind are MAKEUP GEEK PHANTOM and OCC DATURA.

Devinah cosmetics ‘SNAP’ ($12- $20)– Last but not least we have SNAP. It’s has a white base with shimmery blue reflects. The texture is a bit more powdery than what I typically expect from DEVINAH. Probably because it has a good amount of white pigment. It still performs well as a highlighter but you’ll have to be careful to tap off your brush to avoid fall out.

And here they are all side by side. I like all of them for different reasons and purposes. But if I had to choose favorites, I’d go with MOONLIGHT, EVER AFTER and OPAL. The first two I use as highlighters when I’m feeling adventurous and OPAL is an absolutely stunning as an eyeshadow. Next up the green duochromes!

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  1. They’re all so gorgeous. I only have the moonchild kit, you definitely gave me interested in trying the beauty arsenal tho for their texture!


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