Ipsy is a $10 a month beauty subscription service that includes a makeup bag and 5 deluxe samples. Enough with the niceties. If you’re not in the mood for an AMT rant then now’s your chance to get off the train. Otherwise it’s full speed ahead! I’ve gotten some bad Ipsy bags before and I like to think that I usually take things like that in stride… but this month got me effing heated! Here’s what I got…

The bag- whatevs. I never give a shit about the bag. Moving on.

Naked Cosmetics ‘Mother Nature 06’ pigment ($14.99)- yay. Another basic blue brown mica pigment. Can you tell how pumped I am? *insert sarcasm here* So while this is quite possibly the most over done color of all time, I wasn’t pissed until I looked up the price. $15 for a .05oz mica pigment that probably cost them $15 for a pound?? Fuck outta here. Who would pay that?? Not really Ipsy’s fault but they already had me pissed so now no one’s safe.  

Tini Beauty Candlelit Barfly Highlighter ($12)- Tini Beauty is a line of cosmetics…. inspired by cocktails. . . . I fucking can’t. I try to limit my swearing on the blog and this post is going to use up all my f-bombs for the rest of year. Sigh. It’s a cream highlighter stick. Pretty enough but obscenely over-priced considering how small it is (.12oz). Your standard drugstore highlighter stick (nyx, maybelline etc) is double the size and half the price. And it was made in China. I might use it once before it ends up rolling to the back of a drawer, where it will remain for anywhere from 6 months- 22 years. Depending on when I clean out my drawers next.

Tarte Cosmetics 12 hour blush in ‘Feisty’ ($7)- this is fine. I like Tarte blushes and the peachy terracotta color. So at least there was one redeeming item this month. 

Crown Brush ‘Small Chisel Blush’ Brush ($5.69)- I dig crown brushes. They’re not the best quality ever, mine always get tossed within a year. But they get the job done and they’re extremely affordable. However this one was effed up from the jump. 

See all those hairs poking out the side? Yeah they’re stuck like that. I figured it was just from being in the mail so I washed the brush and put a shadow guard on it to dry. Nope. No change. I suppose I could trim the stray hairs but fuck that. I’ve got a million brushes, I’m not taking extraordinary measures so that I can use this 5 dollar blush brush. 

Too Faced Hangover Rx Setting Spray ($.50)- Here we go! The pièce de résistance! A friggin perfume tester vial with 2ml of setting spray! You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. I don’t expect full sized items from Ipsy. They don’t even need to half size. But 2ml?! When the regular bottle is 120ml??? That’s 1/60! Please, someone explain to me how that could be considered to be a ‘deluxe’ sample?? I’m a seething cauldron of rage just thinking about it. What’s next? Maybe one of those little paper perfume testers that fall out of magazines? Maybe that could be one of my samples next month? I swear if I didn’t get such a good response to my Ipsy reviews, I’d cancel over this bs. I know that I’m overreacting but this shit really pissed me off and I’m honestly insulted that they would include this bs as anything other than a bonus item. Okay. I think you get the point. 

Ipsy is $10 a month and the value of my November bag is about $40. Normally Ipsy bags average at around $50. So the value of my bag wasn’t that much lower than usual. But as I said previously, I consider the pigment and highlighter stick to be very overpriced and the brush is already messed up and I haven’t even used it. I’m sure wouldn’t have judged the other items so harshly if I wasn’t already breathing fire and spitting tacks over that joke of a setting spray. I enjoy getting Ipsy every month and I’ve been subscribed for over four years but one more bag like this and I’m DONE! Rant over. I’m going to go punch a wall now.


  1. i got that too faced spray as a sample from somewhere else, cant remember . but i laughed at the size…it literally spurted out one stream of liquid into my eye. ..and that pretty much was the end of that. like literally, thats all that was in the sample lol


  2. I really didn’t care that much for my November bag either and it was my first bag. I did get the goldish-pink Colourpop eyeshadow which has me obsessed with Colourpop and the Benefit mascara which I liked. But the lip gloss was tiny and just ok, the powder I will never use, and the terrible smelling hand lotion sucked. My husband said it smelled like old lady soap plus I just think lotion isn’t a great sample for a beauty subscription. I changed my profile though and my December bag is MUCH better.


  3. Oh man, you crack me up. I don’t mean to get enjoyment out of your frustration, but I think it’s just the way you worded it. Or maybe it’s the fact that I can relate. I’ve been getting frustrated with my ipsy lately too. I haven’t gotten my November ipsy post up yet (but I will before November is over), but I’m just disappointed they’ve been sending me blushes and mascara’s almost every month it seems. I got that Tarte blush and the product itself is nice, but I didn’t need yet another blush in basically the same shade as all my other ones. I also got that Naked Cosmetics powder. I actually absolutely loved the color, and that was my first time seeing/trying out a shade like that. Of course you try out a lot more shadows than I do, so I can understand you having seen similar shades before. However, the loose powder was just so messy (even though I was trying to be careful).


    • Honestly I was just so damn mad over the setting spray that it made me hate everything. Under regular circumstances, I wouldn’t have complained about the pigment. But I do think that charging $15 is crazy town

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      • Yes, I can agree. Though, I did see on someone’s blog where they posted about a palette (sorry I can’t remember the brand) that was like $50 and only had four eyeshadow’s in it. That was beyond crazy! lol I hate overpriced products. I always opt for the cheaper drug store brands, and I’ve found some gems.


  4. Sorry about your shitty ipsy bag this month. You’re review just confirmed the EXACT reason why I’ve subscribed then quit with this subscription service at lease 5 or 6 times since 2013. The thing i I liked best about them wad always their hot pink bubble envelopes and the cosmetics bag – I’m a closeted makeup bag, tote, handbag and wallet hoarder too (but the last too I’ve been able to get a handle on that, for that time being anyway.
    But I definitely agree with you… I’d be pissed to have received this bag this month. Give ’em hell, Angela!! And I hope you didn’t forget our convo several month as ago when you said you’d send me your old bags because you don’t use them. DM for my address if you need or want it. Better luck next month!!


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