The following items were sent as press samples. We’re not otherwise affiliated with BEC.

So Beauty Escape came out with this stuff in July. And I’m doing this blog post now. Just in time for thanksgiving. I think that what happened is that she couldn’t keep them in stock for the first few months and I didn’t want to post if they weren’t available. And then I saw something shiny and forgot all about it. Moving on.

So the collection consists of 5 ‘Chameleon Color’ eyeshadows and 3 golden highlighters. The eyeshadows are $6.50 and the highlighters are $11.50. Also keep in mind that we have a permanent discount code with BEC for 15% off (BEAUTYCULT).

Behold! I told y’all these shadows were no joke! 

Lincoln Road has a sparkly red base and it shifts copper, orange and gold.

Star Island is a deep fuchsia with blue sparkle. It shifts magenta, pink, purple and blue.

¡Azucar! is the star of the collection, which is really saying something because it’s hard to stand out in a crowd like this one. It has sheer pink base with heavy teal shimmer. It shifts between pink, blue, lavender and teal. It’s also very versatile due to the sheer base color. It’s an ideal topper or you can build it to full opacity, like I did for these swatches. 

Wynwood Walls is a deep sparkly teal with a heavy blue shift and a more subtle purple and green shift. 

Bayfront Park has grayish ice blue base color with lots of pink glitter and a pink shift. The combination of blue and pink gives it a lavender appearance from some angles.

I seldom say that you NEED something. I hate the whole ‘yaaaaassss!’, ‘fly, money, fly’ bs but I’m telling you now that you need these eyeshadows! You should really get all five but if that’s not an option, I’d say ¡Azucar!, Star Island and Bayfront Park are the most unique and probably unlike anything else in your collection.

And zee highlighters! I love a classic gold highlighter. It would be fantastic if I had tan skin to pair with it but sigh. Wrinkles. Cancer. Death. Wow that escalated quickly. Back to the review. 

My favorite is OCEAN DRIVE. It’s a pale peachy gold that will flatter skin tones medium and lighter.

 My second favorite is Dulce De Leche which is a more coppery gold. I’ve got plans to use this baby on my eyes the next time that I wear makeup!

 And lastly SOUTH BEACH is a sunny yellow gold. South Beach and Dulce De Leche will suit medium skin tones and darker but lighter girls could rock them too with a light touch. I looooooove yellow golds like South Beach on brown skin. 

All three are heavy on the shimmer without any glitter and finely milled without being powdery. BEC is one of the best makeup creators in the biz. I love her products and I hope you guys will give them a try! I promise you that you’ll be floored if you try those eyeshadows!


  1. Ok thanks for the clarification. I’m just trying to piece together the truth because I haven’t gotten many honest answers.
    And if I sound salty it’s because I am salty!


    • I understand. I shouldn’t have spoken for her because I was making assumptions. All I can say is that I hope that she gets the help she needs to be successful in the future. Her products are the best indie stuff that I’ve tried but I realize that’s irrelevant if people don’t receive their orders in a reasonable time frame.


    • She had a death in her family and some other personal issues which caused her to get behind with her orders. She’s taking a few weeks to get caught up and figure out how she can be more efficient in the future. She’ll reopen soon!


      • Wait, she told you she’s taking a few weeks to rest? She told everyone else she was diligently working to get all the past-due orders out (a lot of people have been waiting for 4-6 months). Maybe this explains why she also seems to have been misleading customers by telling them their orders are ready & about to be shipped when really it turns out to be weeks or months before they truly ship (if at all).
        Transparency is important…


      • That was a poor choice of words on my part. I apologize. I’m not authorized to speak on her behalf as I’m not an employee. I just know that she shut down her website so that she could get her shit together, personally and professionally, so that she can do better in the future.


      • thanks, I appreciate the update. I just hope that she goes back to running the website. I really like her eyeshadows

        On Wed, Jun 13, 2018 at 10:37 PM, wrote:

        > ourbeautycult commented: “That was a poor choice of words on my part. I > apologize. I’m not authorized to speak on her behalf as I’m not an > employee. I just know that she shut down her website so that she could get > her shit together, personally and professionally, so that she can d” >


  2. Omg I have to buy these shadows! Those highlighters are gorgeous as well, but I don’t have the skin tone for them. 😦 Silvery/light blue highlighters seem to look best on my skin.


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