Huda beauty summer solstice highlighting palette

Purchased. Affil links.

Huda Beauty dropped her summer solstice palette a few weeks ago and I went nuts over that violet. NUTS I tell ya, I texted Ang about it, I even texted my mother. GAWD I wanted it so I ordered it overseas via CULT BEAUTY and paid $50 in total so that wasn't so tragic!! Turns out the exchange and taxation situation makes it a slight cheaper option to actually buy makeups overseas who would've thought! I'm thinking of buying a few high ticket items this way, looking at you Virtners Daughter (who can really spell that come on).
Anyway, it is now available at SEPHORA and you can purchase it HERE. * this is an affiliate link, this means I get a percentage of that sale that goes to continuing to buy random makeup to swatch it and review it amongst other frivolities.

To the point:
The palette has 4 shades in total encased in a cardboard palette with Huda's face on the front wearing an emblazoned highlighter, the inside has a semiclear plastic sleeve in a frosted finish which also has Huda's likeness printed on it.
There is one cream (7.5g) and 3 powders (8g each) and you are meant to layer the cream along with the rest to make them pop.
These are the swatches

Now the real magic occurs when you start mixing the shades around, the purple becomes a gorgeous layer under the rest of the shades, providing an unique dimension or even by itself applied as a blush topper or sheered as an iridescent highlight.
The formula it not forgiving on your pores so wear it over foundation!
Overall, I liked it but I'm working on dupes for it so stay tuned!

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