Sooooooo I’ve got a big mouth and I’m opinionated so I thought I’d give y’all my two cents on the Subculture drama. I love this palette. However there was a bit of a learning curve when it came to actual application. These are the most pigmented mattes that I’ve EVER used. When using it, I have to make an effort to use the tinest amount of product possible. It is powdery. There is a lot of kick up. You’ve got to be gentle with it. Barely tap your brush into the pan then tap it off. That’s all the product that you need. If you go ham like you normally do, you’re going to have way more pigment than you need and it’s going to be a mess.

That being said I saw three videos from girls (all of whom I respect) that really didn’t like this palette. The one girl in particular, Kristie, I think her name is. I don’t know her ig name and it doesn’t matter but I love this chick. I really enjoy her personality and she’s talented af. She was a finalist in the NYX face awards last year I believe. Anyway. My point is homegirl knows how to blend.  I guarantee that she’s WAY better at applying makeup than I am. And she was having a bitch of a time with this palette. She’s NOT a liar. But neither am I. Makeup is subjective. Two people can have completely different opinions and it doesn’t mean that one of them either doesn’t know how to do makeup or is a liar.

I love this palette. I’m not on ABH pr and I don’t benefit in any way by telling you this. I’m just REALLY frustrated with this mindset that all YouTubers and bloggers are liars. Some of them are. But not everyone. 

I think it’s going to be a love it or hate it type of palette. I’m half scared to recommend it since so many people hate it. Maybe check it out in store first but if you get it home and hate it, luckily ABH, Sephora and Ulta have excellent return policies. K. I feel better now. Just wanted to get that off my chest! **
Subculture Palette ($42)

An essential eye shadow collection, Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette features 14 shades that range from grungy mattes to bold metallics with an underground edge. Complement to best-selling Modern Renaissance Palette. 

Full pigment and easy-to-blend formula
14 shades with ultra-matte, duo chrome and metallic finishes
Includes dual-ended brush

So yeah… you need this. The mattes are impeccable. And more importantly these are colors that we haven’t already seen a zillion times this year. This palette IS permanent. It has 14 eyeshadows, 11 mattes and 3 shimmers. It also has a double sided brush and the same fuzzy exterior as the MR palette. Fortunately this one is darker color that will hopefully hide spots better than it’s predecessor. The formula of the mattes are very similar to MR as well. Incredible, smooth color payoff but be sure to use a light hand and tap off your brush to prevent fall out.

The two duochromes, cube and electric, while beautiful aren’t as impressive as the mattes, imo. They’re on the sheer side so they might be best as layering shades. Also another thing I noticed, the expiration on Subculture is only 6 months. Most palettes are 12 months. I looked at my other ABH palettes and they all say 6 months too, I just never noticed it before. My Lavish and Catwalk palettes are practically antiques at this point but you’d have to fight me for them regardless if they’re 5 years after their peak performance date. When it comes to expiration dates and cosmetics, I’m very conscious about tossing mascara and liquid liners every 3 months. And I always sanitize powder products after every use. It’s second nature to me. But as far as their expiration dates… I ignore them. But I’m not a scientist so what do I know?? 

Roxy – Ultra matte muted coral
Electric – Duo chrome lime-gold
Fudge – Ultra-matte warm bronze

New Wave – Ultra-matte citron orange
Untamed – Ultra-matte tarnished green
Edge – Ultra-matte gold mustard

Rowdy – Ultra-matte blackened purple
Axis – Ultra-matte blue-green
Mercury – Ultra-matte slate grey

All Star – Ultra-matte vintage wine
Adorn – Metallic bronze
Destiny – Ultra-matte sage green
Dawn – Ultra-matte sand

Cube – Duo chrome pink pearl
Okay so I used the palette on my eyes real quick before hoping in the shower. You guys… Holy. Mother. Of. Fucks. Wow. So I used Roxy as transition color. Pigmentation 10/10 Blendability 10/10 Then I used All Star as a crease color. Same. Epic. Then I used Rowdy for depth. Also fucking stupendous. But be careful with that one. The color pay off is bananas. Use a TEENY bit. Then I used Adorn on the lid. Gorgeous. And finally I patted a little bit of Electric on top with my finger. It’s lovely as a topper.

These may be the best mattes I’ve ever used. They’re that good. I recommend this palette 110%. Get it. Thank me later. 


  1. Thanks for addressing the controversy. I came back to your review to see if you had because I trust y’all more than most. I was going to get this but now I’m super hesitant. I’m not good with the light handed thing. I think you are right to recommend checking them out in store. Imma do that before shelling out cash. 😉


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