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A few months ago Em and I became affiliates with Lit Cosmetics and we’ve glitter swatching fools ever since. And while I’ve been steadily posting swatches on Instagram, I haven’t posted any on here in months. So get ready to look at a fuckton of glitter. I’m going to keep the commentary to a minimum and let you enjoy the sparkle! Our affiliate code with them is BEAUTYCULT and it’s for 20% off. And they always have an additional special offer where if you order a lit kit or three or more glitters you’ll automatically get whatever the current featured color is for free.

Names are on the next two pics! These little sparkly miracles are the ‘Liquid Metals’. They’re pigments with silver or gold flakes that foil like a dream. Our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT brings the price down to around $15. There’s 12 different colors: 6 pigments and each pigment has either gold or silver flakes. The ones with gold flakes are warmer and silver more cool toned. Imagine that… 

Smolder has a black base. With the gold flakes it pulls slightly green. With the silver it’s almost a gunmetal gray.

Magnetic has a taupe base. Gold is an antique taupe. Silver is light gunmetal. 

Enchanted has green base. Gold is a bright spring green. Silver is almost a seafoam green (but it’s not quite blue enough)

Addicted has a coppery base.

Crave has a brown base. Gold is a deep warm bronze. Silvery is a chocolatey brown.

Glisten has a gold base. 

These are a really unique product. I can’t even think of anything else to compare them with for reference. It’s one of those products that you need to try for yourself. They look so cool on the eyelid! I’m more attracted to the golds than silvers. Especially Magnetic, Addicted, Crave and Enchanted.

These are some of the size 1 glitters from Lit Cosmetics! Which are their ultra finely milled microglitters. They’re very ‘pigment like’. 

Unfortunately they don’t have very many of this size right now. Last time I checked there were 7 colors. Hopefully they get more soon because I love them! Some iridescent duochromes like margarita and abba would be epic. 

These next purples are all size 2.

Afternoon delight is size 3. Delta Dawn (which we looked previously) is size 1. The other two are size 2.

These sheer duochrome glitters are some of my favorites. They’re amazing as lid toppers.

We looked at these liquid metals at the beginning of the post but apparently I swatched them twice so I’m forcing you to look at them again. 

And we’re back to glitter!

I think we’ve seen most of these already too. Apparently I love swatching stuff over and over again.

Alright guys! One more thing before we go! 

So as you’ve probably figured out by now, Lit glitters come in four different sizes, 1 being the most finest milled and 4 having the largest particles. I’ve been meaning to do a few size comparisons so you can see the difference. In hindsight I picked the two worst colors because they’re both sheer and extremely difficult to photograph. But they’re still pretty af so I’m posting them any way. If you look REALLY closely and maybe squint a little you might be able to detect the difference.

Holy shit! That was a lot of friggin glitter! If you made all the way to end and you’re reading this then you deserve a reward and I’m going to let you in on a little secret! Anytime that you order from Lit if you write ‘Lit Chick’ in the notes section when you’re checking out, they’ll automatically give you ANOTHER free glitter. It’s the secret code! So if you order three glitters, you’ll automatically get the featured color added to your order for free. Plus you can use the secret code in the memo section for another free glitter AND you can use our affiliate code BEAUTYCULT to save 20%. Not a bad deal at all.

In the future I promise that I won’t ever let this much time pass between blog posts because this was awful!

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