If you’re a regular reader then you probably already know that I’m constantly trying to get my shit together. By nature I’m scatterbrained and when you combine that with my hoarder tendencies (when it comes to makeup) and general disorganization, you can imagine what a disaster my makeup room often is. Recently ZAHRA released a new collection called ROVANZA. Most of the items are available in clear, silver, black and pink and all of the pieces in this collection are very reasonably priced. Most of them are designed to fit neatly into vanity drawers. And we also have an affiliate code: OURBEAUTYCULT which will save you some additional money if you choose to use it. Now let’s talk about which pieces I got and how I’m using them. 


I got two of these seven slot organizers meant for compacts. Since I already have a big compact tower I decided to use these for some smaller items that I have problems keeping neat. The first one I used to store some of my pigments and glitters, 3-6 per slot. The second is holding my ever growing collection of liquid highlighters as well as some of my glitters that come in taller jars.

Here we have the ROVANZA EYESHADOW ORGANIZER ($11.99) and the ROVANZA LIP GLOSS ORGANIZER ($19.99). The eyeshadow organizer has 8 slots and the lip gloss holder has 24. I’m using both of these for their intended purposes and I’ll most likely slide both of these organizers into drawers.

The ROVANZA LIPSTICK ORGANIZER ($16.99) also has 24 slots, same as the lip gloss holder, but it’s slightly shorter. I decided t0 use this one for all of my test tube glitters. Previously I had them all in an empty candle jars, which was fine but this way I can find what I’m looking for without having to dump them all out.

The ROVANZA NAIL POLISH ORGANIZER ($39.99) is my favorite piece. I’ve got a good sized nail polish collection but I don’t paint my nails often enough to display it. Instead I decided to make this the new home for my beloved Inglot pigments! I use these guys nearly every time that I wear makeup so it makes sense to have them out on my vanity where they’re readily accessible. This organizer holds 44 of the Inglot pigments, 20 on the shelves, 4 in each side pocket and 16 in the pull out drawer.
Out of this collection, as I mentioned, my favorite piece is the NAIL POLISH ORGANIZER. I also really like the LIPSTICK ORGANIZER for storing my glitters and the COMPACT ORGANIZER for my liquid highlighters.
A lot of acrylic organizers are really pricey so I like how affordable these are and of course I like that they fit into the Ikea drawers that are so popular for makeup storage. And if you do decide to order, you can use our affiliate code OURBEAUTYCULT to save yourself some money!

I’ve two more pieces for my makeup room coming next week and then my overhaul should be completed!


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