On to part 2 of our journey through STROBE COSMETICS! Yesterday we started with the classic, warm, fall appropriate colors and today we’re moving on to cooler tones. Lots of blues, greens and duochromes! Yesterday I also went over most of the basic deets concerning ingredients, pricing, bundling, product amounts etc. So refer back if you’ve got questions. 

Before we talk about these colors, I wanted to tell you a few things that I learned about the brand and their products this week. First, these are all hand pressed shadows. This is very time consuming and pain staking process. After I press like 20 of my pigments, I need to get a massage and rest for about 7 days. So when you order from any indie brand, you should be prepared to wait a little longer than if you were ordering from a brand that’s mass manufactured. But it’s well worth the wait! Also STROBE has just moved their operation to Ventura and they’re probably still settling in. The owner has hinted to me about some exciting things to come in 2017! I haven’t gotten all the deets yet but give me time. I’ll wear her down eventually!

DRUID is their take on the green brown duochrome that we can’t get enough of. It differs from some in that the shift is more teal than green
URBAN PRINCESS is a magenta kinda like JILTED from the ELECTRIC PALETTE but it’s got a deep violet shift that you can see at the bottom of the top swatch. 

SEA OF GHOSTS is a steely blue with gold shimmer overlay that combine to give it a greenish cast. At some point I’m going to do a comparison with this guy and some similar shades.
PROPHECY is a plummy brown with silver shimmer.
UNICORN TEARS is purple and blue duochrome. What sets it apart fromUD TONIC, MUG BLACKLIGHT etc is that it’s a darker more periwinkle blue.
AZURA is bright aqua with a darker teal shift.
That’s 12 shadows down, 24 to go! Plus their 6 glitters! I’m really wanting to use UNICORN TEARS so I might do my makeup then wash my face and go to bed. My husband already thinks I’m weird so I might as well confirm it for him.

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